Research. Create. Innovate.

Over 10 years of building cutting edge apps for major brands

Now with Flutter

We are THE FLUTTER agency


Big team with diverse backgrounds

We came to Flutter from Android, iOS and web. Understanding each platform on a deep level helps us see things on a much larger scale


Early adopters and official contributors of Flutter

Since 2018


Our SurfGear set of tools is helping teams around the world

Build quality solutions and is growing more and more popular


8 very different released Flutter apps

We don’t reinvent the wheel: rapid launch, rapid time-to-market based on best practices


Surf and Google are hosting the largest Flutter conference in Europe

Join us in Moscow in October 2021

Our motto is simple: don’t release what just works today. Focus on the future, make tech adaptable and expandable. It’s a level of tech hygiene you have to reach to make successful products.
Eugene Saturov

DevRel at Surf. Host of Flutter Dev Podcast, local GDG lead, active speaker

Flutter is the new black

Framework popularity is growing x2.5 per year according to

Single codebase for iOS, Android and web.

Rapid time to market for startups and enterprise.

40% cheaper than native apps, 50% smaller team, 50% less bugs.

Flexible UI implementation.

Long History of Achievements

We are a team of over 150 designers, developers, QAs and analysts.

Over the last 10 years we’ve built over a hundred apps that millions of people use everyday.


3rd Google Certified Agency in the world

We are always in touch with Flutter, Android and Firebase teams, granting us early access to Google


Wide area of expertise

From simple e-commerce to voice-assisted AR-powered food app or mobile pet ecosystem. Anything you can imagine — we’ve probably already done it


Early adoption of new tech

Some of the first cases of Google Pay, Instant Apps in Europe


Company-wide knowledge base

Everything some of us know, every one of us knows. Each new project adds to our shared experience. We also have a dedicated exploration team which focuses on researching and adapting new ideas and best practices from around the globe


Open source and transparency

We are proud of the tools we create and share them with the world

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