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We strive to gain both technical and product expertise in retail, foodtech, and banking, but what we value most is people. We know how to deliver products that millions of people would enjoy using.
12 years

in mobile development


in our team

14 awards

in 5 years in various
app ratings

1 in 3

clients come
from referrals

What matters most to our team

There has never been a case where a client was not satisfied with our job and transferred the project to another contractor. But the companies often choose to continue their projects in-house. For this purpose, we provide for the code alienability in advance so that the code is easy to understand and maintain for an in-house team.

Vladimir Makeev


We don’t just do projects; we partner with product owners and are entrusted with tasks critical for their businesses. We appreciate honesty; we tell the truth, no matter how bitter it is. And since our clients stay with us for so long, we must be doing things right.

Nikita Prischep

Head of Project Management

Working for Surf is cool: our teams are extremely competent and every project challenges you to find a game-changing solution. And yet we clearly see the difference between a gamechanger and hype and only use technologies that could benefit a product.

Dmitry Vysotsky

Head of Native Development

What I like about Surf is that any product is primarily about people, both creators and users. As we deliver a new solution, what we have in mind is the needs of the people we work for — not just technology.

Dmitry Sidorov

Art Director

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