Android App Development Services

Did you know that Android has over two billion monthly active users? With a market that large, of course you want to be on Google Play Store! With us, you can tackle any challenge in Android app development and hit the big market with a viable and competitive product. Contact us

Your app will look great on any screen

From small screen wearable devices to smartphones and tablets to Android TVs – making your app available on different screens will help you attract a bigger audience and engage your loyal users. With our Android app development company, you’ll get all you need to make the most of Android.


Our code powers more than 260 mobile applications

Over the past 10 years, we built a great number of native apps for iOS and Android. Our clients include some of the largest retail brands, startups, and even banks.

Shopping app for pet supplies
Beethoven is an app we’ve built for the leading pet products brand in Russia. We recreated their existing app from scratch using native technologies.
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The project has recently been put in operation (3 weeks ago) currently reaching over 5 000 downloads and rated 4.5+ at both stores, thus reflecting its high quality. We received 800 orders during the first 2 weeks with 15% conversion, which is a great result on our market.
Alexander Linin

Head of E-Commerce, Bethowen

Grocery delivery app
Golama lets people order their groceries through the app and get them delivered in 90 minutes. We spent 90 days building it.
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Achieve what matters most – satisfied users

How does a good app differs from a great one? Great apps offer great user experience! We help you deliver an experience your users will love by building an amazing look and feel and implementing the most sought-after Android app functionality.

  • Bold color schemes
  • Easy navigation
  • Seamless checkout
  • Security
  • Social integrations
  • Simplicity
  • Personalized experience
  • Feedback system
  • Ability to work offline

Build the best Android app in your category

Using our Android app development services, you can build a great app for any Google Play store category and for any industry. More than 10 years in business, chances are we’ve already built an app similar to yours.

Food & Drink
Music & Audio
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Kotlin app development services

We provide Kotlin mobile app development, because Kotlin is currently the best technology for building native Android apps. When you hire Kotlin developers at Surf, you get the most cost-efficient and powerful tech stack for your app:

Languages & Frameworks
  • RxJava 2
  • Groovy
  • Room
  • gRPC
  • Retrofit 2
  • Glide
  • JUnit
  • Gradle
  • Socket
  • Mockito
  • Protobuf
  • Gradle Build Cache Server
  • Bintray
  • Artifactory
  • Figma
  • Jira
  • Swagger
  • Firebase
  • Git
  • Proguard
  • Postman
  • Android studio
  • Clean Architecture
  • Shimmer
  • Design patterns
  • E-tag
  • Custom animation
  • Material design
  • Android security
  • Data Binding
  • Multi-module
  • Code Review
  • Retrospectives
We’ve developed our own standards for Android app development

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How we build Android apps

We determine your project scope early in the project life cycle, and develop your product through a series of repeated cycles – Agile iterations or sprints.


Get a detailed product development roadmap with a prioritized backlog and timeframes.


Build what your users need using our customer journey map and design mockups.


Give us your feedback on the implemented functionality delivered to you at the end of each sprint.


Get an app that works properly across all Android devices. We’ll handle all your testing needs.


Release your app through Google Play Store or let us help you distribute it for beta testing.

Hire Android app developers at Surf

You can get your entire project built at Surf. Or you can hire just a few Kotlin developers to augment your existing team. Whatever your needs are, we’ll make sure you’ll love working together.

Build your Android app with us

Just drop us an email with short info about your project and any requirements you have. We’ll get back to you within one day with our next steps.

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Or explore other options

In addition to Kotlin app development services, we also offer native app development for iOS and build cross-platform apps with Flutter.

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