Our application development services

Our key focus in application development is to provide talents to large-scale firms and startups

We offer teams or individual experts to

  • increase the speed of your company’s in-house development
  • extend your technical capabilities with required skills
  • create a new product from idea to release

IOS & Android apps

  • top performance
  • superior UX
  • instant updates

Cross-platform apps

  • 40-60% economy
  • faster time-to-market
  • multiple distribution channels

Web applications

  • accessible from any device
  • high availability
  • top levels of security

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Applications for different business goals

Since 2011 we’ve created mobile, desktop and web applications and PWA for companies in fintech, e-commerce, retail, healthcare, and other domains.

We build domain-specific digital products such as

  • customer facing products
  • business process automation
  • solutions for company’s internal use
  • any apps tailored to specific needs of your firm

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Why choose Surf as an application development provider

Whatever project we take on, we apply certain rules and standards that allow us maintain stable quality of our company’s services

  • our middle+ developers, designers, QA, and business analysts have relevant technical background proven with thorough testing and industry-specific experience
  • our team seamlessly integrate into the client’s workflow and adapts to your standards and rules
  • we keep regular information exchange with in-house experts with prompt feedback and suggestions for further project evolvement
  • our PMs monitor compliance with deadlines and budget through detailed planning and early identification of blockers

Innovative and human-centric service provider in the field of custom software

Meet Surf agency

What our clients say about our services

“The Surf team did research and put together a UI prototype based on our wishes and existing data and using the bank’s corporate colors and unified design elements. Thanks to this, the application looks cool and organically integrates into the overall style of the bank. All new features are also implemented in the same style. What’s more, the interface was integrated with the Fast Payments System. The Central Bank sets strict design requirements for this module, so it took considerable effort for the Surf team to do it.”
Pavel Efalov
Head of UX/UI Division
“Surf has provided us with a video streaming service, giving our users access to more than 40 shows. We have implemented many additional features for users. The mobile app is developed with the Flutter framework. This helped us shorten the time to market and launch the product as quickly as possible. With its help, it was possible to reduce the development time by 30%. Surf has developed a platform with all the infrastructure: backend, CDN, and admin web interface to help manage content and monitor statistics.”
Roman Kolesnikov
“Since we were already working with Surf, we had established effective communication. The Surf team has actively engaged with our developers, speeding up our progress. Thanks to that, for instance, it took us less time to integrate information about deliverers. Moreover, Surf was often proactive, suggesting interface improvements as well as the format and process adjustments to the mobile interface.”
Dmitry Gordienko
Lead Backend Developer


What is a progressive web application (PWA)? What is the difference from a mobile version of the site?

Compared to a website’s mobile version, PWAs:

  • have revolutionized the user experience on mobile devices;
  • offer remarkable improvements such as blazing-fast download speed due to data preloaded onto smartphones;
  • allow users access without worrying about specific browsers or settings due to universal browser compatibility;
  • offer unparalleled offline availability even if you don’t have an internet connection available.
How to choose between web and desktop applications?

Compared to desktop the web applications:

  • can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection;
  • are typically more affordable because there is no need to purchase and install them on each individual computer;
  • can be more reliable because they are not subject to the same hardware and software compatibility issues;
  • can be more secure because they are less likely to be hacked or infected with viruses.

However, they can also have some disadvantages. For example, web applications may not work as well offline, and they may require a faster internet connection in order to run smoothly.

With cross-platform application development, companies can realize significant savings compared to native solutions. How does it work?

For example, with Flutter, a framework created by Google, the cost reduction of up to 60% is achievable due to using the same code base for apps across multiple platforms, including web and desktop versions. And our company has already proven this in practice.

You can reuse 80-95% of your existing codebase so there’s no need for costly rewrites or extensive additional coding from scratch. It goes without saying, you have some platform-specific features and UX solutions that will have to be finalized.

The result is unparalleled budget efficiency while achieving maximum device reach with a win/win setup with Flutter.

Whatever application your business needs, we’ll find the right solution.

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