Why trust the development of asset management software to Surf

With extensive cross-industrial expertise and deep awareness of the latest digital trends, Surf is here to bring your asset managing app project to life.


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The advantages of asset management software

The demand for asset management software development services is growing, as such solutions are useful for all personnel in a company.

  • Salespersons can quickly assist customers in stores and online, having an accurate status for available assets and avoid ghost ones.
  • Managers and supervisors can conduct inventory checks and labeling, track assets performance and real-time inventory reports.
  • Business owners get access to analytics and reporting on assets’ performance and inventory movement, useful for purchase and sales planning, as well as an overall strategy.

Efficient asset tracking

By utilizing automated systems, enterprises can accurately monitor the location, condition, and usage of their assets in real-time. This leads to improved efficiency and reduces the risk of loss or misplacement.

Optimal resource allocation

With clear understanding of assets’ performance and utilization patterns, organizations can allocate their resources effectively, ensuring that they generate the highest return on investment.

Regulatory compliance

By maintaining accurate records, tracking maintenance schedules, and monitoring assets’ depreciation, such solutions reduce the likelihood of non-compliance penalties and mitigate assets’ loss risks.

Asset management solutions we build

We create digital software tailored for both large-scale companies and rapidly expanding startups, facilitating their growth and expansion.

Data and storage management

Custom solutions to streamline your asset and inventory management process. Tailored to particular industries, our apps help companies organize, store, and retrieve assets with ease.

Cloud-based solutions

Our cloud software provides secure access to assets from anywhere, anytime, helping you to effectively conduct daily operations and synchronize the work of remote teams.

Powerful DAM and CMS integration

Our engineers offer top-notch DAM and CMS development services for enhancing a company’s software capabilities with content publishing, workflow management, and employee collaboration tools.

Proven track record in creating mobile and desktop apps

Surf’s portfolio includes numerous successful projects for global companies. We are a development partner for asset management software you can trust.

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Our development process

Surf determines your project scope early on and develops digital products through a series of Agile sprints — repeated iterations, each of them providing a tangible working product.

  1. Plan

    Start with business analysis and a detailed roadmap, outlining priorities and time frames.

  2. Design

    Base UX/UI on insights into a customer journey map and usage scenarios, create a working prototype.

  3. Develop

    Each sprint provides the company with a finished feature or element and you can give feedback after each iteration.

  4. Test

    To ensure smooth work, testing is done throughout the development process and combines manual and automatic tests.

  5. Launch & maintain

    We help companies with beta-testing and provide comprehensive documentation for easy in-house transfer post-launch.

Tech stack we use

From costs to scalability, the technologies chosen for asset management apps influence various aspects of the project. Surf has extensive experience with both native and cross-platform frameworks and uses the latest and most efficient solutions.












Jetpack Compose  UI

Android Studio





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