Why choose Surf for B2B web or mobile portal development

Along with B2B web portal development, we’ve successfully completed over 100 various projects and developed software for market-leaders such as Mars, UniCredit, SAP, KFC, and more. Collectively, our solutions are used by 150 million users.


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Types of B2B portals

We will help you to match your business goal with the right type of B2B portal.

  1. B2B marketplace

    Enable your corporate customers to sell and purchase products or services.

  2. Procurement portal

    Manage your supplier interactions, orders and purchase invoices.

  3. Ecommerce portal

    Sell your goods or services to corporate customers.

  4. ERP portal

    Digitize all your data to manage and automate business processes from a single point.

  5. B2B aggregator

    Collect products and services from various suppliers on one storefront.

  6. Customer portal

    Provide your customers with easy access to information and services.

Who can benefit from our services and when

Our B2B portal and web development services are especially beneficial for enterprises from Ecommerce, foodtech, fintech, retail, edtech:

You’re undertaking a new project but lack the manpower or in-house development expertise.

You have an existing web portal that you’d like to enhance with the latest technologies and AI integrations.

You are transitioning from an out-of-the box solution to a custom one and currently looking for assistance with development.

What we offer

Our team of over 250 middle+ developers is ready to take on a project of any complexity. Here’s what we can do for your business:

Custom B2B app development

  • Enterprise management systems
  • Education and onboarding
  • In-depth analytics integration and dashboard setup
  • Integration with other custom and out-of-the box systems

Transition from out-of-the-box to custom

  • Customer base migration
  • Personalized unique design
  • CJM and product-market-fit research
  • 3-5-fold conversion increase

AI-driven software

  • Smart contextual search
  • Automated support chat
  • AI integration with knowledge bases and wikis
  • AI-powered analytics
  • Personalized offers

Our success stories

Whether you’re a Y Combinator startup or a nationwide enterprise, we focus on understanding your market and product needs to help you reach your north star metric.

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Our workflow

At Surf, we customize our workflow for each client, but our commitment to transparency, meeting deadlines, and fostering close collaboration never changes. Here’s how we work:

  1. Market research and design
    • Audience and competitor analysis
    • Customer Journey Mapping (CJM)
    • Documenting all user scenarios
    • Identifying business risks
    • Crafting UX/UI prototypes
  2. Development
    • B2B Development for various platforms: Web, native iOS and Android apps using Swift and Kotlin, cross-platform apps with Flutter
    • Full development cycle including frontend and backend
    • Middleware development
    • Integration with enterprise systems (CRM, ERP)
  3. Testing
    • ISTQB certified QA engineers
    • Manual and automated tests
    • Setting up device farms
    • Testing strategy development
    • Testing process set-up
    • Transferring knowledge to your team
  4. Release and support
    • Adherence to security audit requirements
    • Launch in stores, minimizing rejection risk
    • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    • Transferring documents and reports
    • Handover to in-house team

What our clients say

We collaborate closely with our clients to identify real business problems and drive tangible value. As proven by our reviews:

“Our clients are actively using the app and give good feedback on it. It has a high conversion rate and over 100 thousand installs. In the UX / UI rating of Markswebb 2019, our mobile bank rose by 7 positions. ”
Artyom Kulvinsky
Head of Digital Department
“Our cooperation with Surf is long and very productive. We started by developing an application that would be easy to use. During the project, many other new interesting features were added. Many of them were realised due to active participation of Surf. The team was always invariably interested in cooperation, effectively built communications and implemented all our wishes at a high technical level. ”
Oksana Yaroslavceva
Online Product Head of Design & Development
“Since we were already working with Surf, we had established effective communication. The Surf team has actively engaged with our developers, speeding up our progress. Thanks to that, for instance, it took us less time to integrate information about deliverers. Moreover, Surf was often proactive, suggesting interface improvements as well as the format and process adjustments to the mobile interface.”
Dmitry Gordienko
Lead Backend Developer

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