Why choose Surf as a backend development company

Since 2011 our company has built frontend and backend systems for web and mobile products for global enterprises and high-growth startups and has earned recognition from the global community.

When you need Surf backend team

As a backend development company, we collaborate mostly with clients with businesses built around IT products. They look for a dedicated team that will not only deliver a quality website or app but also transfer the project competencies and knowledge to their in-house teams.

Your company plans to develop a product from scratch and on a turnkey basis but lacks resources or expertise.

You need to set up your backend production processes in line with the best industry practices.

You need to scale the product due to business growth, ensuring stability for increased customers or a larger SKU count.

What tasks we solve

We believe that great results are possible only with strongly structured processes. Therefore, when solving the tasks of your business, we start with planning: setting crucial goals and achieving them step by step. As a result, you will get the product you expected — and a bit more.

  1. Architecture
    • System drivers and goals: ArchiMate Motivation View/Goals View
    • Standard notations: UML, BPMN, ArchiMate, C4 Model
    • Top-down design
    • Complex scenarios
    • Adapting sections to client’s requirements
  2. Product development
    • Full development cycle from pre-development to support
    • Solutions of any complexity, from high-load services to ERP systems
    • Comprehensive documentation
    • Seamless transfer to an in-house team
  3. DevOps
    • Setting up CI/CD pipeline
    • Setting up observability and incident management
    • Automating deployment to speed up Time To Market
    • Increasing stability to 99,99%

Our expertise in backend development services

The average duration of the Surf — client collaboration is 3 years. Our team is a good fit if you are looking for a partner to develop a complex backend system, from designing your digital product architecture to its implementation, testing, and launching.

If you need a complex high-load solution, we can help you build it. Fast.

Discuss a project with us

Technology stack we use

We are not limited to specific technologies — we focus on the clients’ needs and on saving their resources. 

For example, for a video streaming service, we chose Kotlin, Spring Boot, and Kubernetes as a modern tech stack that fits the project goals. Our backend development company has universal expertise and strong Middle and Senior developers ready to join your projects.





Spring boot



























Our backend team workflow

Our company strives to be transparent to our clients. Our PM holds regular online meetings to keep the client informed about the project’s progress and eventual risks.

We follow the roadmap agreed upon — and promptly respond to any changes in business requirements.

  1. Preparation
    • Preparing project roadmap, defining goals and objectives
    • Building architecture, analyzing necessary integrations
    • Going through business risks and user scenarios
  2. Development
    • Coding with Kotlin, Java, Python, and Go
    • Data processing with the most appropriate technologies (SQL or NoSQL, in-memory or disk storage, etc.)
    • Visualizing service health & status with Prometheus and Grafana
  3. External integrations
    • Analysis: defining the list of integrations to be made, their capabilities, and trade-off solutions
    • Development: integration protocol study and implementing integrations
  4. Testing
    • Setting up a test environment and performing backend stress testing 
    • Writing automated tests
    • Performing manual tests for the most critical cases
  5. Launch and support
    • Assisting with the workflow setup for further product evolvement
    • Transferring the project and documents to the in-house team
    • Supporting the product under SLA

Our clients’ reviews


We have experience in backend development for large-scale projects for market leaders.

“Surf has developed a great mobile app for us. It has significantly improved the quality of service for our premium customers. Customers can now manage deliveries and resolve support issues right in the mobile app. Thanks to this, the average bill and LTV increased and new customers came.”
Product Manager
“Surf provided us with a custom web app development service for video streaming, allowing our users to access over 40 shows. We have implemented many additional features for users. The mobile app is developed with the Flutter framework. This helped us shorten the time to market and launch the product as quickly as possible. With its help, it was possible to reduce the development time by 30%. Surf has developed a platform with all the infrastructure: backend, CDN, and admin web interface to help manage content and monitor statistics.”
Roman Kolesnikov
Producer of online content company
“What I liked most about Surf was that it was not too lazy to make a demo from layouts and offered us a reasonable price. We did a really great job as a single product team.”
Andrew Davydov
Head of Mobile

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Having implemented many different-purpose solutions — to digitize processes with easy-to-use dashboards and automatically generated schedules or to create new channels for businesses to communicate with their customers — we are glad to share the acquired experience and insights on our blog.

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