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    Best Web Development Agencies to Entrust Your Next Project

    These days, the best web development agencies are in high demand among companies. Why so? Whether it is fintech, foodtech, ecommerce, or healthcare, the web plays a crucial role in establishing communication between a brand and its customers. Companies in all spheres seek to partner with studios that create beautiful and smooth working websites and web applications.

    Building web projects includes numerous activities, such as business analysis, design, coding, testing and support. In the article, we’ll explore why all of these tasks are better to be entrusted to a team of professionals and what company to choose to develop a website for your business.

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    Why work with best web development services providers

    While there are free website constructors (think WordPress  and Wix) that make it possible to create a website with minimal programming knowledge and hiring freelance developers is a good budget option, companies still seek to work with some of the best web development agencies.There are several reasons for that:

    • Comprehensive approach. A company provides a complete team that does all necessary work, from initial business analysis to testing and release. There are also project managers to facilitate the development process. In addition, hiring an agency means you don’t have to busy your HR department with screening freelance candidates.
    • Better visibility on search engines. SEO optimization plays a crucial role in the success of a business. During website creation, studios adhere to the best SEO practices and have dedicated specialists to enhance website’s visibility and make it appear among top results for relevant search requests.
    • Latest technology. Web development evolves rapidly, with new software advancements appearing almost constantly. Studios’ teams have best access to the latest tools, which results in a web-based product having better support for various devices, including mobile ones, shorter loading speed and beautiful visuals.
    • Custom and complex projects. Working with an expert team of developers allows a business to bring to life even the most innovative and complex ideas that might be too difficult for in-house engineers and their skill level.
    • Documentation and support. Agencies aim to document every aspect of a website or application and its architecture. This makes future maintenance easier, even if the website is handed to an in-house team post release.

    Top-5 web development companies

    Let’s take a look at the list of agencies considered to be the best web development companies and what services they provide.


    Location: Delaware, New York, and Washington D.C., USA

    Payment rate: $50 per hour

    Key areas of expertise: Native and cross-platform (mobile and web) development, product design, support and management

    Surf is a Google-certified company that provides development services to medium and large companies in various industries, including fintech, digital media, and e-commerce. Surf utilizes the latest technologies, creativity and cross-industrial expertise to create modern, user-friendly, secure and fast solutions.

    The company’s web app portfolio includes a ERP system for KFC and a backend for a video streaming platform, while deep expertise in Flutter allows the team to build web, mobile and desktop apps from a single codebase, saving a significant part of a client’s budget.

    web app development
    Web projects by Surf

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    Location: Køge, Denmark, with offices in US, UK, Canada and Singapore 

    Payment rate: $75 per hour

    Key areas of expertise: Design of websites, E-commerce, Conversion optimization

    With over 100 developers working remotely across Europe and an experienced management team, PurpleFire creates websites for e-com, NFT, mobile, and blockchain. The firm highlights integrity, proactiveness, transparency, and innovation as its key values. From a simple corporate website to a backend with complex logic, PurpleFire does it all and promises clients a return of 3-5X on their investments.

    Web projects by PurpleFire


    Location: Zurich, Switzerland, with offices in Germany, UK, Poland, Portugal

    Payment rate: $75 per hour 

    Key areas of expertise: Mobile and websites development, AI solutions

    S-PRO is a developer and IT consulting partner that assists in full-cycle development to tech startups. By using the latest technologies, S-PRO enhances customer experience and creates new products and internal processes in the fields of website and software creation, Big Data, AI and ML. 

    S-PRO’s portfolio includes more than 150 finished projects for clients in 21 countries. The company provides a tailored approach to every project, that includes working out an in-depth vision, defining clear business goals and adhering to strict deadlines.

    Web projects by S-PRO

    LaunchPad Lab

    Location: Chicago, USA

    Payment rate: $175 per hour 

    Key areas of expertise: Websites and software development

    LaunchPad Lab is a software developer that helps businesses in unlocking revenue and efficiency via technological transformation. The company’s techstack comprises Ruby on Rails, React.JS, Ionic, and Salesforce. Working with clients from a diverse set of industries, the firm’s portfolio includes projects for Whirlpool, Ingenuity, New York Cruise Lines, and MD Anderson.

    Web projects by LaunchPad Lab


    Location: Poznan, Poland

    Payment rate: $75 per hour 

    Key areas of expertise: Mobile software and website development, BI & Big Data Consulting & SI

    Netguru designs online and mobile software for customers all over the world, with an emphasis on providing an exceptional user experience. During the 14 years on the market, Netguru has delivered more than 1000 digital products for clients that include UBS, Volkswagen, OLX Group, and Keller Williams.

    web apps
    Web projects by Netguru


    When choosing a partner for a web development project, it is important to review candidates’ expertise in the relevant industry as well as creativity that allows a company to be flexible and provide custom-made solutions for every client. Strong work ethics and communication skills are other things that are must-have for an agency. 

    With more than 12 years of experience creating native and cross-industrial projects for clients of various sizes and industries, Surf is dedicated to achieve the best result possible in every case.