When your project needs Business Analyst

Mobile analysts strengthen a team as they see a product as a whole, maintain system consistency and reduce the risk of failed expectations. Consider BA option for your project if

  • your product in the phase of active growth
  • your project has multiple stakeholders
  • you have a long-term project
  • you need to tailor complex business logic to a mobile device
  • you explore the new opportunities related to platform updates and best practices

What exactly Business Analysts do

Mobile analysts tasks and responsibilities may vary in different companies. At Surf, our analytics experts remain engaged through  the whole project time and perform the following activities



  • needs of clients and their customers
  • MVP scope
  • backlog
  • business requirements

Product requirements


  • documenting & finalizing with clients
  • evaluating eventual risks
  • reporting deviations from initial estimates
  • suggesting improvements

Project activities


  • Rest APIs in Swagger
  • complex processes and algorithms (BPMN, UML)
  • grooming sessions
  • specification updates

Have a project with complex logic and many stakeholders focused for long-term growth? Our BA team knows how to make the best of it.

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What stages do the BAs take part in?

Business analysis in new product development is necessary throughout the entire project, but to varying degrees. So the business analysis stage is distributed over various development phases

  1. Pre-design (5% of the time)
    • clarifying clients’ needs and goals,
    • examining the documents provided by clients,
    • decomposing tasks into features,
    • estimating workload, and
    • identifying project risks.
  2. Design (60% of the time)
    • examining client’s docs and artifacts
    • identifying business requirements,
    • taking part in UI/UX design,
    • designing the solution in terms of an API and technical requirements, and
    • finalizing the implementation with the client.
  3. Development (20% of the time)
    • analytical support for teams,
    • keeping track of arrangements with the backend team, and
    • keeping the documents up to date.
  4. Upgrade (10% of the time)
    • expanding the backlog, and
    • prioritizing the tasks.
  5. Support (5% of the time)
    • analyzing required updates, and
    • outlining their implementation.

What will you receive

The end results of a BA’s work is presented in business analysis artifacts and specifications.

  1. Technical requirements: a detailed description of an application’s logic, including, if needed, UML diagrams, navigation, and error handling.

  2. API: a format and a set of data which an app receives from a server linked to business logic and the UI in Swagger.

  3. A backlog: a collection of new features, prioritized, grouped into releases, each of which has been assigned a design status and an estimated development time.

  4. Tasks decomposed and assigned to developers.

  5. Specifications: provided to a client in a format compatible with in-house reports and tender procedures.

  6. User guidelines for a service (if needed).

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