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    How to Find the Right Business Software Developers

    Whatever the area your enterprise or startup operates in, at some point you’re likely to look for business software developers. Whether a local cake shop or an international corporation, all companies benefit from the digitalization of client relations, order processing, internal operations, and other aspects of their work. According to a report by Statista, global business has spent over $850 billion on software development in 2023 — a 7 percent growth from the previous year. All of this demonstrates that with digital tools, a business has higher chances of remaining competitive and relevant to its customers long term.

    Having over 12 years of expertise in mobile and web development, Surf team knows what it takes to find a good team of developers to build an app in line with your expectations and business requirements and with the cutting-edge technologies and trends. In the article, we will explore how software developers can help companies flourish, what technology to pick for building your project, and how Surf teams work for business goals to be achieved faster without compromising quality.

    Why does business need software developers?

    Software development plays an essential role in modern business. Digital solutions assist companies in optimizing their daily operations, establishing new channels of customer engagement, and analyzing every aspect of day-to-day performance.

    To access technical expertise and innovation

    Since software development companies specialize in creating apps for business, they closely follow the latest trends and emerging technologies. This can help you stay ahead of the competitors with stable, scalable, and secure digital solutions.

    Beyond that, development companies often use their own unique tools that improve the overall coding process. For example, in cross-platform projects built with Flutter, we at Surf use our home-grown solutions. Among them: Elementary library that helps to keep the code clean and testable; SurfGen for automatic code generation and reducing routine; Surf Gear — a set of tools, plugins, and widgets for streamlining the development process. We’ve also made these tools available for free to the Flutter community.

    To obtain custom solutions

    The professional software development partner allows both startups and corporations to create custom apps that meet their unique needs. This, in turn, helps them stay ahead of the competition and deliver more value in the eyes of their clients. While such an approach comes at a higher cost than using ready-made options, custom apps have the potential to speed up audience growth and increase conversion multiple times.

    For Surf, a custom development means creating a solution that works for improving key business metrics as per our clients’ requirements. Thus, we created a new app for a fashion shop with updated design and enhanced shopping experience — as a result, the number of unique users increased by 27%. 

    To employ cross-domain knowledge

    Professional developers often take on projects for clients from different industries and segments of the economy. For example, we at Surf have successfully built banking apps for B2B, along with Netflix-like platform for individual users and corporate apps for KFC. This way, a development team can add its cross-industrial expertise, which contributes to every step of software creation, from business analysis to post-launch improvement. It is no rare occurrence when an effective solution from one industry is adopted in another one, propelling the company forward.

    To be flexible

    In the ever-changing digital landscape of today, software developers strive to be able to adapt their approach and products to the changing requirements of the market, while remaining client-oriented and flexible. Successful teams that foster a culture of collaboration are more likely to deliver excellent results and solve complex problems effectively. 

    One of Surf key principles in arranging project activities — we form project teams that remain stable over the project. This means we do not replace experts without a reason so that nothing prevents the team from flexible responses to changing requirements or business needs.

    To manage team more effectively

    A dedicated development team can focus more closely on analyzing and optimizing the individual work of its members and teamwork as well discovering opportunities for professional growth and stimulating continuous improvement of engineers’ skills. This means, they can bring the most relevant talent to each client’s project and unlock their full potential.

    At Surf programmers and designers undergo regular assessment of skills and professional level, performance review. As a result, they receive individual development plans with mentoring assistance.

    What opportunities software development partners open to a business

    So what exactly does partnering with a development service provider bring to the table? 

    • Assessing project’s feasibility. Developers can help you highlight potential issues and refine your ideas at the early stage of development, mitigating the risks of investing resources in a flawed concept.

    We, at Surf, practice a Zero Sprint approach to estimate the scope and timeline of a project at the pre-development stage to avoid excessive expenses and mitigate potential risks.

    • Effective workflow. Organizations that specialize in delivering app development services have available resources to provide talented specialists who already know each other and can operate well as a team. So that you can expect them to come up with effective solutions for complex or highly specific problems.

    For our teams we have elaborated processes and experience-proven approaches but we remain open and adaptive to our clients’ preferences and practices so that our integration into their activities runs seamlessly.

    • Speed. A specialized software development team has at their disposal well-established internal communication practices and workflow, ensuring that your project is completed in time and released quickly and efficiently.

    Due to the knowledge base and set of implemented solutions we have accumulated over our experience on the mobile and web development market our teams bring business apps to the market faster. At the same time we work hard on ensuring top-notch quality: regularly optimizing and improving our development processes through tech retrospectives, technical checks, code base and process audits.

    • New perspective. A skilled team of engineers, UX/UI researchers and designers, and business analysts can help you identify new opportunities and approaches, bringing a fresh perspective to your project.

    For Surf, applying innovative tech stack and searching for new solutions has always been a priority and proven worth. Thus, we were one of the Flutter early adopters and now with the cross-platform SDK we save our clients 40%-60% of time and budget.

    • Scalability. A development partner provides for your app scalability and adaptability to the company’s future growth. A team that has dived into the specifics of your business niche can anticipate a potential increase rate for traffic and build an app that can handle it without losing in terms of performance and reliability.

    In Surf projects we lay the foundation for future-oriented solutions that can be scaled to meet growing business requirements. As a result, after the mobile app MVP release at the development stage, new features can be added 20% faster.

    Software development hiring models

    When it comes to hiring a team to build your app, there are two main models to choose from. Hiring in-house makes software developers a part of your existing team and you wield total control over their work, while they enjoy the perks available to the company’s other departments. 

    Since hiring in-house comes at a high cost, many of which are not directly related to the development (think HR process, paid leaves, and so on), outsourcing developers is a preferable option for the majority of businesses. For example, you can outsource freelancers, which is a cost-effective option for small-scale projects. Alternatively, you can choose to partner with a development company like Surf, which has an established work culture and in-team coordination, and can handle the full-cycle development of complex and industry-specific projects.

    Picking the right tech stack

    For business, deciding on tools and technological solutions is just as vital as choosing the hiring model of the development team. First, understand your requirements and research available technologies, paying attention to such aspects as security, supported platforms, performance, and cost.

    We at Surf have extensive experience with native solutions, as well as Flutter cross-platform framework. This technology allows companies to build high-performance, scalable applications with native-looking user interfaces for Android and iOS, as well as PC, macOS, and Linux. Flutter is easy to learn and allows engineers to write code once and use it across multiple platforms, which reduces development time and effort, saving a significant amount of resources.

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    How to find the right developers

    Once the decision on a hiring model is made, the time comes to choose the team of developers for a digital project. Beware: the cost of a poor choice is quite high, so consider the following tips in the process.

    Technical skills

    Understanding the scope of developers’ knowledge and hard skills is a must prior to recruiting them to work on a project. Look for specialists who excel in the programming languages, frameworks, and tools that you intend to use for your projects. Their previous works for similar platforms (web, mobile, and desktop) and in similar or relative industries are strong indicators of how suitable they are for your enterprise.

    Quality control

    Fixing mistakes in code and app logic early on can potentially save a lot of resources later. Look for developers that perform comprehensible testing. In order to cover the project and not miss any flaws, we at Surf combine manual and automated testing and run tests in parallel with the development process. This allows us to save up to 80% of the resources required for app testing. An app that works smoothly inevitably attracts more clients to a business. For example, the first 2 weeks after the release of Surf’s app for a pet shop brought our client over 800 orders, with the conversion reaching 15%.


    Today’s digital landscape, which is rich in personal data, demands companies to pay a lot of attention to their app’s security, even if they are not from a high-risk segment, such as banking or payment solutions. When choosing developers, always inquire about security tools and protocols they employ, as well as other measures that safeguard their projects from unauthorized actions.

    Adaptability and cultural fit

    Keep in mind that when outsourcing a project to offshore specialists you can face difficulties even with a team that has brilliant technical expertise. This might happen if it doesn’t get along with your work culture and business approach. To avoid this, we at Surf carefully evaluate each team member’s soft skills, such as interpersonal communication, problem-solving, and time management. Even if a person is one of the best in terms of perfect technical expertise, we are unlikely to hire them if there is no cultural fit. Learn more about hiring software developers in our guide.

    Post-release support

    It is never a full stop after the launch. That is why we recommend partnering with developers who will not abandon you once they have completed the coding and an initial public release. We at Surf always supply our works with extensive documentation that makes it easy to transfer the project to an in-house team for maintenance. Alternatively, we can also allocate a team of our experts to provide post-release support under a Service Level Agreement.

    Summing things up

    The ongoing digital transformation of almost all spheres of human life requires businesses to actively seek development partners and invest in building custom-made software. It is essential to choose partners that have experience relevant to your industry. Choose the most suitable hiring model and evaluate candidates (freelancers or development companies) based on their portfolio, references from previous clients, and proven expertise. Thus, you can be sure that you will get a top-quality product delivered on time.

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