Mobile App for an Online Shop for Pets Bethowen

Mobile e-commerce app for a large chain of pet shops

The Client

Bethowen is one of the largest retailers of pet supplies in Russia. The company has been present on the market since 1993 with over 100 pet shops all over Russia, a pet clinic, and an online shop.

Project Idea

Bethowen had already had a mobile app based on an out-of-the-box solution, but it couldn’t meet the demands of the growing business. Out-of-the-box functionalities kept them from  launching custom marketing campaigns. In addition to that, the UX of the app had become outdated. 

That’s why Bethowen came to us — they needed a mobile app for the online shop. They were willing to start with the most basic functionalities crucial for e-commerce in order to launch the project as soon as possible and gradually upgrade the app afterwards.

The Challenges

  • The online shop had to be integrated with the loyalty program.
  • We needed to come up with a well-organized catalogue where you could apply filters, mark an item as a favourite to put it aside, and choose a pick-up point.
  • We had to provide seamless user transition into the new app.

The Results

We’ve created a fast native app for 2 platforms — iOS and Android. The app has an intuitive interface and a modern design. 

The app is integrated with the customer loyalty program — you can get additional bonus points or use them to pay for your order, and check the discount percentage you’ve earned. It’s easy to search for an item — just pick the relevant filters or use the voice search. A customer can use the app to place an order, mark items as favourites, and check if they are in stock. You can also track your order and repeat the previous one.

You can pick the shop you need on the map or place an order based on your geopositioning data.  

What’s more, we’ve improved the security of user data and made the app more stable. 

Bethowen no longer uses its old app. However, if you ever bought something in its online shop, you don’t need to create a new account in the new app — just enter your old account details to log in.

Right now we’re still supporting the project and adding new features. 

Within the very first 2 weeks since the new app was launched we received 800 orders and witnessed a 15% conversion. It’s a huge result in our industry. Surf has established a most convenient customer engagement process. All issues, questions, and suggestions are discussed immediately. The project team is personally involved in all flows examining each of them in detail.
Alexander Linin

Head of E-commerce, Bethowen

The Solutions

User Flow Analysis and Feature Priorities

First off, we set up a CJM workshop. CJM (Customer Journey Map) is a tool that helps you find out what a customer needs, thinks, wants, and has trouble with at each point of interaction with the product (from the point where you realize you need something to the point where you make a purchase). This takes into account the user’s goals, emotions, doubts, and fears. CJM enables us to create a user-friendly app you want to come back to, choosing it over the competitors.  

Together with the Bethowen team we put together a backlog, sorted out the priorities, and decided on what the roadmap of the app would look like — namely, which features must be in the first release and which ones can be kept for later. In addition to that, we’d interviewed a number of pet shop customers.

Handy Search Tools

First of all, we got down to basic options — choosing an item in the online shop, placing an order, and payment procedure. 

We added filters to the catalogue. A user might think it’s just a single screen where you can quickly find something you need, but developers have to keep a whole lot of aspects in mind to implement it, namely:

  • What data can be entered by a user — quantities can be limited to integers, while the weight of a package of feed isn’t necessarily an integer, here you can also have fractions.
  • You need to consider any possible errors — e.g., when the top limit equals the bottom one or they both equal to 0.
  • The slider should move whenever a user enters a bigger or a smaller value.
  • You have to keep in mind, that there are various ways a user can go to a collection of items — from a general catalogue, from the offers, or from a collection displayed on the home screen. If you tap on offers, the items have to be filtered by their brand and discount rate. If you go to the catalogue, all filters have to be switched off.

Quick Checkout and a Number of Extra Options

We’ve reconsidered the checkout procedure. There are over 10,000 items in the online shop, so in order to place an order correctly, the shop needed a complex logic to handle large tables. 

Therefore, we’ve added two more blocks to the standard ones involved in the checkout process — storage and models. The storage is where we keep the data selected by the user. The models provided a faster and more efficient way to process data stored in the tables since each of them is bound to a specific sector of the table. When put together, they help users place their orders quicker and easier.

We’ve added several options to make the app more convenient for the users. Namely, we’ve added multiple payment options, including Google Pay and Apple Pay. In addition to that, your order can be paid with bonus points in part or in full. 

We’ve also supplied the app with a map where a customer can choose a pickup point. By contrast, you can send your order to the shop closest to where you are based on your geopositioning data.

Comprehensive Information

The client wanted users to see as much information as possible both on the flypage and at the checkout. This included current offers, whether the item is in stock, availability in shops, and shipment date if the item is out of stock. In order to display that, we integrated the app with the loyalty programs, inventory control, and the catalogue of items.

Awesome Animation

One of the coolest things about this app is animation. For example, whenever an error occurs, users see an animated pet instead of a usual message.

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