Finance App for Kids

Concept of child-friendly banking app

Concept idea

Being experts in the fintech industry, we at Surf always keep an eye on the financial industry trends. One of the trends we like the most is investing in children, namely investing in kids’ and teens’ financial education in the form of kids’ fintech apps. 

No wonder the money-focused educational apps are on the rise in our unpredictable times after the pandemic challenges we faced. Parents are aware of how important it is that children know how to manage the budget and save. But financial education at schools is rare. Therefore, more financial apps for kids and teens appear on the market, and investors are ready to support them.

Having researched the market, we decided to create our own banking application for kids and teens that helps

  • children learn and practice money management,
  • parents track their children’s financial activities and teach them to be financially responsible, and
  • banks educate future loyal customers.


We wanted to create a product concept that will attract new customers — parents, and is fun for kids and teens. That’s why, when starting the app development, we had 2 main goals:

1. Create an educational product, but not simply duplicate a set of features of an adult app in the children’s interface.

2. Educate children, so they could develop a mindset of business people who are aware of financial risks and know how to manage them using the existing banking products and tools.


Set of kids-oriented financial tools

These are not only parents and schools who can teach a child how to manage money, banks and fintechs can also become teachers to improve financial literacy of their future loyal customers.

The app should offer kids all financial tools to learn how to deal with money starting from childhood. The more financially literate children become, the more reliable customer base the bank will get , which will result in a higher profit.

Real money — real responsibility

Parents want to teach their children to make their own decisions and become financially responsible in a safe environment. That’s why the banking app for kids should enable parents to make instant transfers, set and remove limits, and see what the child spends pocket money on. Meanwhile, children are able to learn how to save, allocate the budget, and plan expenses.

Various design solutions

Children love unusual and creative things. But what’s more, they dislike routine and repetitions. For the application not to get boring, each theme has its own design, interface elements, and dialogues.


The game allows kids to feel like an entrepreneur. With the help of games, children better  understand how their decisions can affect the financial result and learn to think more like a businessperson rather than an ordinary user.

Games are based on the children’s age: at the age of six, kids are interested in being an owner of a lemonade stand, at the age of nine, they prefer to manage production facilities, and at thirteen —  to create their own corporation.

Virtual assistant

Children are fond of exciting stories and their characters. At six years old, these are fairy tales, and at thirteen — real-life stories. When thinking of the concept of a banking app for kids, we thought of the child’s interests and needs, and also took time and new technologies into account. The result was a mascot character and chatbot to assist children in navigating through the interface and learning economic terms.


For children the app concept provides a chance to: 

  • Get more interested in finances, so that no economic crises and challenges would seem like a horror story from the adult world anymore;
  • Develop a different mindset and become aware that money can and shall bring profit;
  • Acquire new knowledge and learn how to save for a dream;
  • Spend time with use, playing interesting brain-training games instead of endless shooting games.

And for parents the app ensures possibility to:

  • Teach their children to be financially responsible, how to earn and save money;
  • Supervise childrens’ financial activities online;
  • Improve their children’s financial literacy in a game-like manner;
  • Keep the family’s financial data secure.

Surf are experts in mobile banking. In our concept, we combined financial literacy training, games, and a banking product. This decision will bring new customers to the bank —  children and parents —  and improve their loyalty and emotional connection with the brand. It only remains to take the concept as a basis and create an application. Contact us and we will discuss the details.

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