Mobile Investment App

Concept of a fintech app for both a broker and a client

Project idea

Banks spend a lot of money to engage clients in investments, but about 80% of the registered users leave the stock exchange before they even make a deal. Our idea is to listen to the new users and create a mobile investment app that makes them stay.

We’ve decided to give it a shot and develop a fintech app that can be appealing to both brokers and investors. Here’s what we came up with.

Challenges and solutions

Stock market newcomers feel scared: address their eventual doubts

— Stock exchange is a casino.

— Investments take a lot of time.

— It’s not easy to get the hang of.

— You only have one chance to gain profit and no room for error.

To keep the users coming back, a mobile investment app not only has to look nice and be well-structured, but it also has to address users’ needs and pains. Namely, it has to address their fears.

The goal helps plan a route: find out the investor’s reasons

The investment goal defines investors’ engagement and the tools you need to offer: pay attention to it while developing your fintech app. A part of their funds can be allocated to passive investments while the other part can be used for active investments. These are different approaches that suggest different risks.

In the mobile investment app we created, a virtual assistant finds out what goals the users have in mind to suggest solutions that fit them perfectly.

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An option for our mobile investment app: find out the preferable currencies and the funds available

To create a portfolio, we have to take into account the investor’s funds and preferences. This way, clients can be sure that their portfolio only has the stocks they can afford. As a result, they won’t have to filter the stocks manually.

Portfolio depend on the goal: help investors be open to challenges

Depending on a goal, the system can figure out the perfect ratio of securities to currency, thus managing the risks and balancing out the portfolio that will be created in the mobile investment app.

The portfolio is ready: let the investor decide to accept or adjust

Once their portfolio is ready, the investors can accept the suggestions or use them as guidance and adjust the parameters manually: change the ratios, exclude specific securities, or replace them with their analogues.

One account with several portfolios: match the goals using special tools

Dividing a brokerage account into virtual parts solves this one. In the mobile investment app we developed, users name each portfolio themselves. Only being shown the account as a whole is not handy, that’s why users are forced to employ third-party solutions. If there’s more than one goal, they need to create a portfolio for each and have different tools for each portfolio.

Automated purchases: help investors save their time

Newcomers worry they’d have to spend hours making decisions and endless transactions. Developing the mobile investment app, we made it possible to fully automate the process. It’s a handy option if you need to rebalance several portfolios.

— Clients regularly transfer a certain amount of money from their bank account to their brokerage account.

— The money is automatically allocated to the tools in a certain portfolio they pick in advance.

Profound analytics in the mobile investment app: make sure the information is accurate

Structured products often contain assets in both rubles and other currencies. The fact is they are all shown in rubles and, as a result, investors don’t understand what their portfolios actually contain and can’t control risks.

Providing accurate numbers and correct analysis is taking extra care of your users, which will be appreciated by experienced investors on premium.

Financial awareness: help brokers retain their clients in a way that lasts

To boost financial awareness, you have to educate. If they can learn things in the mobile investment app, clients don’t have to look for articles and courses somewhere else.

Stories help display educational content adaptable to your client’s goals. In addition to that, each screen shows short tips.

Information hygiene: make the experience less stressful for investors

Brokers often force their users to constantly track changes, thus increasing the engagement rate. However, clients find this approach stressful and, as a result, leave the stock market.

Investors can adjust the mobile investment app to feel more comfortable:

— hide the ‘up’ and ‘down’ arrows next to the stock exchange tools,

— hide the graphs and detailed information from the main screens and access them whenever they need to.

If a fintech app offers a solution and appears less stressful to its users, the business gets its loyal customers and gradual growth in metrics.

Together we can develop a mobile investment app that both attracts and retains customers!

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