The fashion house was founded 25 years ago. It is currently present in 160  large shopping malls in over 60 cities.

    Project idea

    To build a mobile app from scratch, ensuring that it meets the following criteria:

    • becomes one of the brand’s key sales channels,
    • keeps up with the latest fashion-e-commerce trends,
    • captures the essence of the brand — elegance, style, and personalized customer service.


    The Client had never invested in a mobile sales channel before. As a result, the company had to go through the entire product development process, starting with a CJM and ending with a presale concept approval. This required a comprehensive analysis and a versatile team of experts. This was exactly what  the Client’s team requested when they came to us.


    Effective sales channel

    To create something of real value, we had to examine every step the customers took. Here’s how we went about it:

    • First, the loyal target audience that had to switch from the website to the mobile app was identified.
    • Then, the most popular sections of the website were selected and a navigation pattern was drawn based on the map of screen transitions.
    • And finally, a CJM was built, which took two days of intense work of two teams — Surf and the Client.

    Brand inspired design

    Light colors complete with elements in navy — the corporate color of the shop. What formed an essential part of this design was large, high-resolution photos where every detail is clearly visible.

    Personalized customer service

    The Client claims to present an ‘affordable luxury’ brand. The mobile app had to reflect this concept and give its users the look and feel of a premium service. We did that by adding some personalized service features. 

    Customers can order their shirts to be tailored, as well as order a made-to-measure suit or coat right in the app. 

    In addition to that, the fashion shop customers can now save their measurements in the app and only see the search results that match their parameters. Thanks to a CRM system integrated with the app, these measurements were automatically uploaded to a shop assistant’s phone whenever users came to an offline shop. This helped boost customer loyalty — impeccable services were waiting for them both inside and outside the online store.

    Modern brand image

    Fashion is the industry most sensitive to changes in worldwide trends. That being said, we put great emphasis on modern solutions — the ones that clearly demonstrate the brand status as a cutting-edge.

    Here are the trends we used in this app:

    Body positivity. To photograph their pants, shirts, and suits, the Client hired models of various body types. This addresses two issues at once, boosting customer loyalty while also speeding up their decision to buy an item by removing any doubts they may have (e.g., “What if it doesn’t suit me?”).

    Stories and product descriptions with a narrative. In addition to the photographs, the fashion shop provided each product with a description that tells a little story. Such an approach plays into their hands by creating an atmosphere of sincerity in customer communications.

    Another must-have of a modern fashion app is Stories showing a selection of items hand-picked by a stylist or the looks created by customers themselves.

    Complete outfits. Sometimes you’re tired of making choices — you just want to tap a button and instantly become this stunning guy in a new shirt. The app offers several options for making a quick purchase. Users can pick an entire outfit to match an occasion (a wedding, party, or prom). Alternatively, they can buy a few individual items from a photo they saw. To add such items to the cart, all they have to do is tap on the clickable elements in the photos.

    Users can create their own looks. The app suggests sets of clothes and accessories to match an occasion.

    Comprehensive one-year product roadmap

    The CJM laid the groundwork for a comprehensive roadmap. We provided the shop with data describing each step their customers take in the app: when they become aware of the value a product has, what restraints they face, and whether those can be overcome with the help of the app.

    Here’s what one of the spreadsheets looks like. With the help of this massive amount of data, the Client quickly managed to build a roadmap that covered its growth and monetization strategy for years to come.


    The result is much like one of the Client’s high-end made-to-measure suits:

    • A full-fledged channel for customer communication.
    • App design embracing both brand identity and modern trends — light colors, large-scale photos of clothes together with models of various body types.
    • Well-organized navigation, one-tap access to the shopping cart, and customized services (users can save their measurements in the system or have their clothes tailored).
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