NotYet is a medical startup based in the USA. The company’s innovative business idea revolves around comprehensive remote health monitoring of elderly patients. This is achieved through the use of special wristbands that track essential health indicators, ranging from body temperature to ECG and blood pressure. NotYet aims to provide an ultimate solution to this, which involves two parts working together — medical specialists and elder patients.In the US, heart disease is considered to be the leading cause of death among people over 60 years old. In the market, there isn’t yet a complete solution for easily monitoring blood pressure and other vital health signs with a wearable device that can be conveniently carried anywhere.

    • A wristband that constantly monitors blood pressure and a wide range of other vitals;
    • A mobile app, synchronized with the wearable, allows relatives and doctors of elderly users to monitor their health remotely and be immediately notified if the person feels unwell.

    Project idea

    Develop an MVP to promote the product

    NotYet approached Surf with the task of developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the app that could be used to secure further investments and promote the company’s wristbands. Our team received several prototypes of the wristband, which NotYet was improving in the meanwhile, to transmit data to the future app.


    Create high-quality functional MVP in less than 5 months

    • It was important for NotYet to stay within budget;
    • The MVP had to be developed within tight deadline;
    • Accuracy and stability are paramount for healthcare apps, and Surf was to ensure such high requirements are met.

    Overcome the app’s data transmission and UI challenges

    • The wristbands use Bluetooth to transmit health data. During tests, the initial solution showed unsatisfactory stability for certain types of files and required reworking;
    • The graph libraries, suitable for healthcare apps, did not have the built-in ability to scroll the graph, which impeded user experience.


    Surf team figured out a complicated tech specification, backend and frontend challenges, and provided a working MVP.

    Firebase Firestore as a backend

    Per the Сlient’s request, we developed MVP without a backend in its traditional sense, instead using Firebase Firestore solutions for authorization, sending, and receiving data. 

    Using Firestore as a backend for mobile apps is a common solution, however it might quickly become a costly option when processing a large amount of requests. The Surf team was able to optimize data requests to the backend to stay within the capabilities of Firestore’s free quota, without exceeding the client’s initial budget.

    Bluetooth for data transfer

    One of the key features of the NotYet app is the ability to transmit ECG data from a wearable device to a smartphone. Since the app’s already in use solutions for data transmission were not suitable for ECG, we’ve developed our own method that allowed us to achieve a reliable and consistent Bluetooth connection for transmitting health data.

    Data visualization

    Surf developers programmed the app with the capability to group the data for graphs in intervals, determining what values represent a health risk. However, the most complicated part was to figure out the way to determine the type of ECG rhythm from the wristband’s data, which was also done successfully by the Surf team.

    Scrollable graphs

    While our engineers had extensive experience in developing graphs for mobile apps, the NotYet app required the ability to scroll through graphs horizontally, a feature not readily available in the libraries suitable for healthcare apps.

    To solve this issue, we divided the screen into dynamic and static parts. Then we created a graph that exceeds the screen width but can be easily scrolled through the dynamic part of the screen. This solution provided a user-friendly way to view and interact with detailed health data.

    NotYet screens 2


    Stable and feature-rich MVP for health monitoring on a tight deadline

    • NotYet app’s MVP was released in app stores for Android and iOS devices. The app was developed with Flutter — a cross-platform framework that allows to create performant and native-looking apps for mobile and desktop devices from a single code base, saving time and budget on the development process. Currently, Surf provides full-cycle Flutter development services to clients all over the world.
    • During the development, Surf team refined and optimized the existing UX/UI of the app, thanks to the insights provided by our analysts. The app offers essential health monitoring capabilities through special wearable wristbands equipped to track vital health indicators, including body temperature, ECG, and blood pressure. 
    • Surf’s systematic approach to testing and documentation supplied the project with extensive and detailed technical specifications and use case scenarios. Such comprehensive data is likely to support the future improvements of the app, especially its pairing with the wristband. 

    NotYet app’s MVP has been warmly received by the Сlient who shortly after trusted Surf with further works on the project’s backlog. Since our team has extensive experience in healthcare software development, we are excited to work on a project that makes it easier for people to understand and monitor the health of their loved ones from anywhere.

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