When to choose customer journey mapping

The Surf team has been delivering mobile and web products since 2011 and know what to pay attention to while building user-friendly and easy-to-understand apps. We apply the Customer Journey Map flow to identify user needs and study app user journey, on the one hand, and to use an opportunity to synchronize Surf and Client’s teams in their product vision, on the other hand. In the long run, this step helps to optimize project expenses.

We recommend our clients CJM workshop when they

have a concept of a large-scale product based on the internal team suggestions and wishes, and it is necessary to determine which features are of real importance and priority

look for insights aimed at improved converting into action due to deep UX research

have an existing solution in use, and it is required to identify problem areas to optimize it

CJM case studies

CJM workshop allows both teams — of Surf and Client — synchronize at the initial stage of the project in their vision and expectations and learn each other before development starts

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Surf research workflow

Our Customer Journey Map workshop runs according to the proven and well-tuned flow, where each stage has its certain aims and results.

  1. Time-frame: to 5 non consecutive working days
    • preparatory stage
    • workshop together with the client’s team
    • processing the results
    • preparing a user journey map and a functionality table
    • presenting the results and materials to the client
  2. Workshop format: collaborative moderated brainstorm
    • the workshop may take place on the client’s premises or
    • the client may be a Surf guest, or
    • both teams may communicate in the remote mode.
  3. Client’s team: from 2 to 8 persons
    • product owners
    • representatives of analytics, design, development and marketing departments, and
    • any departments as required (contextually).
  4. Surf team: from 3 to 5 persons
    • strategist
    • art director
    • designer
    • researcher
    • analyst
    • PM, and
    • other experts depending on the context. 

What do you get as a result?

We keep all the research results documented in the format that makes them useful-to-use not only at the initial project stage but through the product development and growth.

Customer journey map
  • steps of the user’s journey inside the mobile application
  • users’ needs, desires, mood, level of criticality of each step, a-ha moments, barriers
  • functional blocks in the app required to solve the users’ goals.
App features table
  • features of the future application by use cases
  • features in implementation version: MVP, second version, development backlog
  • comments on possible implementation approaches and eventual difficulties.
Ideas and insights backlog
  • ideas, insights, and thoughts about the future app development
  • set of features for the following versions.
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