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To monitor the efficiency of 40+ employees
  • Setting one-off tasks and automation of routine tasks.
  • Monitoring task execution in easy-to-use reports with a smartphone.
  • Tracking the task execution statistics in real time for each employee.
  • Reassigning the tasks promptly in case of the employee’s disease or vacation.
  • Creating checklists for different functions using constructor.
  • Sending to employees’ calendars their tasks and notifications of the overdue tasks.


  • Choosing 20% of solutions that will produce 80% of success to your business, during a joint meeting.
  • Conducting an audience research and Jobs-To-Be-Done interviews.
  • Building an employee journey map in the company.
  • Creating a draft UX/UI taking into account all possible user scenarios including negative ones.
  • Performing UX tests and studying the user analytics.
  • Finding out bottle-necks and the ways to digitalize and integrate them.
  • Creating effective UX/UI taking into account insights.
  • Developing native apps with Swift and Kotlin, or a cross platform app with Flutter. More about Flutter here.
  • Integrating all backend systems into one API for web and mobile apps.
  • Adjusting user analytics.
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