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We build shopping apps and websites that help companies achieve success. High quality and attention to details in our projects are widely recognized by industry leaders.


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5 reasons to build a custom ecommerce solution

By going with a custom ecommerce web or app development, you are able to get full control over every aspect of the platform and how customers interact with it. Among its benefits:

  1. Unique brand identity.

    With Surf, you will get a completely customizable ecommerce software in 4-6 months, which will provide a company with a distinct branding, setting it apart from competitors

  2. Superb user experience

    Custom solutions empower a user experience tailored to specific business requirements which translates into a reduced cart abandonment rate and a stable 10% conversion.

  3. Continuous business growth

    A custom ecommerce solution ensures scalability for a company, as well as faster time-to-market and up to 60% budget saving with cross-platform technologies.

  4. Access to innovations

    Custom ecommerce platforms can be integrated with cutting-edge tools, such as AI analytics for unique marketing tactics and GPT-powered chatbots for boosting average order value.

  5. Efficient management

    A custom ecommerce solution enables you to customize workflows, automate processes, and integrate with backend systems such as inventory management and order fulfillment.

Services we offer

Whether you just plan to launch your shop or want to improve the existing solution, Surf has got you covered.

Transfer from a ready-made software


Custom solutions offer unique scalability, integration, and long-term cost savings opportunities. Surf will ensure a seamless transfer of your audience from an existing solution to a customized online shop.

Dedicated team for ecommerce development


Surf supplies a team of experienced developers, testers, business analysts, UX/UI designers, and a project manager who bring your ideas to life, from initial concept to deployment and maintenance.

Full-cycle development from scratch


Surf can assist in both developing unique personalized solutions for your ecommerce platform and seamlessly integrating already existing ones like CMS, CRM, and ERP systems, as well as payment gateways.

Advanced technologies and approaches we use

At Surf, we know that success in a highly competitive industry of ecommerce largely owes to the latest technologies and innovative solutions.

Microservices-based development for independent deployment of individual services, enabling flexibility, faster updates, and improved system performance.

Voice-assisted shopping allows users to interact with a web or mobile store hands-free, enhancing its convenience and accessibility for a wide range of customers.

AR solutions offer immersive product experiences, such as virtual try-on for garments or visualization of furniture in apartments, which enhances product engagement and reduces return rates.

Our works

Having worked with leading companies across the world, Surf has gained extensive expertise in custom ecommerce development.

Want to build a custom ecommerce app to boost conversion rates up to 10% and higher?

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Ecommerce development process

Surf offers full-cycle development services or can get on board at a specific stage of the process. While our typical development cycle is described below, we are always open to adjustments to meet your business requirements.

  1. Plan

    We start with a business analysis and a roadmap to prioritize each feature and outline the timeline.

  2. Design

    Create UX/UI design and a functional prototype based on customer journey maps and use case scenarios.

  3. Develop

    The development process is divided into a series of sprints, each of them adding a feature or tangible improvement to your platform.

  4. Test

    We conduct testing throughout the development, combining both manual and automated tests for seamless functionality.

  5. Launch & maintain

    Surf overlooks the project’s release and provides documentation for an in-house maintenance transfer.

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