Benefits of custom mobile app development for businesses

Custom solutions offer you numerous advantages over the turnkey ones.

Surf will help you take most out of it. Specializing in custom mobile development, we create apps for middle-sized and large companies that

  • need a new sales channel to reach a larger audience
  • appreciate rich functionality, scalability, and excellent quality
  • look for a way to stand out from competitors with a recognizable app
  • launch an innovative solution in their niche
  1. High conversion

    While for turnkey solutions conversion is within a range of 0.05–4%, for custom applications we develop it is 3–22%.

  2. Unique UI/UX

    From building a CJM to the app visual implementation, you’ll get a competitive advantage. We know how to design a product to reach high conversion rate and decrease bounce rate.

  3. Scalability

    You’re free to add new customized features when you like and as you like. With our agility, it will cost you less time and money, compared to turnkey solutions.

  4. Enhanced security

    Only you own the app code and your commercial information. You choose how to store the data to provide the highest level of security, and our engineers help you make the right choice.

First steps to start your mobile app development with us

Whether you’re searching for a dedicated team to outsource an entire product development or need IT staff augmentation to complement your in-house team, we’re ready to help you. To start your custom mobile app development, we determine the main tech stack optimal for your business goals.

Native technologies



We use Kotlin for Android app development and Swift for iOS app development. With native solutions, you have no limit in app features complexity.

Cross-platform solution



We use the Flutter framework to create apps for up to 6 different platforms on a single codebase. Depending on a project, it can save you up to 60% of its cost.

Progressive web app (PWA)



We can build a web app adapted to mobile devices in an easy and quality way. The mobile app isn’t added to stores, users download PWA from your website.

We have clients across the entire globe

Our client testimonials

“We’ve launched the new version of our app and are currently upgrading it. All the users have been successfully migrated from the old app and into the new one. Our clients commented on great usability and functionality of the new app.”
“Surf has developed a great mobile app for us. It has significantly improved the quality of service for our premium customers. Customers can now manage deliveries and resolve support issues right in the mobile app. Thanks to this, the average bill and LTV increased and new customers came.”
Product Manager
“We hired Surf team to outsource the development of mobile video player SDKs for iOS and Android platforms. Due to a limited timeframe, we had to find a contractor experienced enough in mobile development and media applications to help us boost the project. Within 3 months after release, we have positive feedback from our enterprise customers surprised with how fast we’re able to roll out a set of SDKs for a range of platforms.”
Alexander Pavlychev
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