Stay ahead of the competition with in-depth Android application testing

Android applications offer numerous possibilities for business while a comprehensive quality assurance (QA) flow contributes significantly to superior quality and consecutive prominent results. Make sure you do not throw away a competitive advantage.

  1. With high-quality Android apps, you can get global reach and deliver your services to more target customers.

    Android is the leading operating system with 71.8 percent share in the mobile OS market.

  2. Bug-free apps get better feedback and higher store rating with good chances to stand out among numerous competitors.

    The number of apps in the Google Play Store is 2.68 million apps (compare to 1.64 million apps in the Apple App Store).

  3. Proven testing practices and tooling allows saving time and resources.

    Automated tests allow us to save 80% of the time for our clients. New releases can happen two times more often.

  4. Well-tested apps work well in terms of business-relevant metrics.

    Application for pet shop, client’s feedback:
    “Within the very first 2 weeks since the new app was launched we received 800 orders and witnessed a 15% conversion”.

Why choose Surf for customer portal development

Surf offers customer portal development services that employ cutting-edge web technologies and deep expertise. Whether your goal is to grow sales, improve relationships with clients, or become the perfect business partner, we’ve got you covered.


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Customer portal solutions

With over 12 years of cross-industrial expertise, Surf is ready to take on complex development projects that require creative and non-trivial solutions.

Make appointment booking and online consultations easy. The latest technologies ensure stable and secure data exchange between a patient portal and CRM & CDP systems.

Whether for a business in a phase of active growth or an established company, Surf provides solutions that work towards higher long-term client loyalty and more frequent purchases.

Enjoy optimized and intuitive UX/UI to quickly find relevant files, generate invoices effortlessly, and get analytical reports in real time.

B2C & B2B customer portal development

Our work is the best way to showcase Surf’s skills and expertise in the field of customer web portal development.


  • B2C portals for your customers with a user-friendly and responsive interface to achieve the best user experience and improve competitive position. Live support combined with self-service options and streamlined checkout process, booking, and consultation services.
  • B2B portals for your vendors, suppliers, partners, franchisees with automation capabilities to decrease the time spent on routine, provide integration options for various digital environments, and ensure the security of customer data and transaction history storage and processing.

Need a custom solution tailored to your customers’ needs? Let’s discuss most suitable implementation approach.

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Empower customers with the best portal software

Provide an intuitive and customized experience that fosters engagement and drives loyalty. Get accurate data and make data-driven decisions.

  1. Full customization

    Allows to completely align a customer portal with the brand’s identity and provide a smooth user experience.

  2. Online payments

    Using trusted APIs ensures secure checkout and enables easier transaction management for the finance department.

  3. Custom access control

    A multi-level permission system allows setting up accurate access rules for whole teams and individual employees.

  4. Security and compliance

    Make sure that your customer portal is built in line with the state’s and industry-specific requirements, including GDPR, KYC, and others.

  5. AI and automation

    Employ automation to decrease the amount of time spent on repetitive tasks and chatbots for 24/7 customer support.

  6. Maintenance and scaling

    Comprehensive documentation makes adding new software support and further business growth easier.

Models of cooperation

At Surf, we understand that every project is unique and requires a custom approach. Working closely with our clients, we determine the best cooperation model that aligns with your goals and budget.

Dedicated development team involves gathering an entire team of software engineers to focus on a single project. This approach is a preferable choice for businesses that have large-scale projects and want to avoid additional HR and administrative expenses.

Team extension model is ideal for companies that need to quickly scale up their existing team temporarily or add a specific developer. This way additional employees become a part of an existing development team, which provides a high level of flexibility and scalability.

Customer portal tailored to your business

At Surf, we use a structured and comprehensive approach to customer portal development, adjusting it to a project’s goals and industry specifics.

  1. Sprint Zero (optional)

    The step involves a team of senior experts working on a project’s roadmap, design concept, and architecture.

  2. Business analysis

    Business analysis is focused on specifying the goals and objectives of your customer portal, analyzing what needs to be built and integrated.

  3. Design

    At this stage, designers create wireframes and the portal’s prototype. Our Design Thinking approach ensures that every element is made with users and their needs in mind.

  4. Development

    Surf’s web developers write code with Angular and React and build the project’s infrastructure. Each step of development is documented so that the project can be easily transferred for support in-house.

  5. Testing

    Consists of both manual and automatic tests and begins as soon as the development itself to minimize the time required for bug fixing and optimization.

  6. Release and maintenance

    Choose whether Surf keeps on supporting the project under a Service Level Agreement (SLA) or transfers it in-house.

Stand out among the competition and get exceptional results with Surf.

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