Why choose Surf for UI/UX designing services

By hiring Surf you get access to our 12+ years of experience in UX\UI designing engaging and award-winning mobile and web apps for ecommerce, fintech, banking, healthcare domains.


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Good design equals good business

Our app designing services don’t only help you make your product more attractive. We work to understand and meet your user needs. Great design is about adding value and solving problems and impacts your business results.

Improve retention rate


Engage your customers with convenient user flow, give them a reason to come back to your app.

Increase your ARPU


Add more value to earn loyalty and encourage people to increase their spend.

Boost app ranking


Improve your product to make more customers willing to give 5-star ratings.

Our UI/UX designing services

Successful projects start on solid foundations. Our process starts with a Design Sprint and CJM workshop. Before we get down to sketching wireframes, we seek to understand your audience and the problem you want to solve. Our services suit businesses that

  • create a new app from scratch
  • aim to improve retention and conversion rates
  • redesign and update their app
  1. Customer journey mapping

    We identify your user’s needs, wants, objections, and concerns as they are interacting with your product.

    The resulting CJM is a visual representation of the path that a user takes in your app to accomplish their specific goal.

  2. Customer development

    We validate your product vision and our ideas with your target audience using Jobs To Be Done as a framework.

    After defining what “jobs” your product seeks to accomplish, we prepare the questions and run interviews with your users.

  3. User flows

    Having identified users and their goals, we can define the steps that they need to take to achieve their goals.

    User flows are diagrams that give you a bird’s-eye view of your product and help define the number of screens, their order, and components for each screen.

  4. Wireframing/Prototyping

    The process contains the following steps: Sketch → Wireframe → Prototype.

    A wireframe is a low-fidelity mockup that gives you an idea of the screen layout and structure. A prototype is a more detailed design model of your future app as close to your final product as possible.

  5. UI

    We create the look and feel of your product with focus on clean user interfaces that don’t distract users from completing their goals.

    We use mood boards to communicate our visual ideas and agree on the direction in terms of colors, fonts and other visual elements with you.

Look at the apps we’ve designed

Our Surf’s designers are well-versed in UI/UX designing service for different types of apps. We’ve designed both customer-facing applications and applications for employees to optimize internal business processes. We understand the specifics of different audiences and know how to solve their problems with design.

Want to hire a team that worked on UX for KFC and Burger King? Contact us.


Our clients about us


Our human-centered approach to UI/UX design service lets you create an app that your users will love and we always strive to make collaboration with our clients transparent, seamless, and effective.

“We’ve launched the new version of our app and are currently upgrading it. All the users have been successfully migrated from the old app and into the new one. Our clients commented on great usability and functionality of the new app.”
“The application was developed without a technical specification, simply based on functional requirements. For me personally, it shows the professionalism of the team, which can develop an application well and quickly grasp the essence of a business problem. And the result was exactly what we needed.”
Eugene Simonovich
Senior Business Solutions Architect
“Our clients are actively using the app and give good feedback on it. It has a high conversion rate and over 100 thousand installs. In the UX / UI rating of Markswebb 2019, our mobile bank rose by 7 positions. ”
Artyom Kulvinsky
Head of Digital Department

Read more in our blog

We prefer to share our accumulated experience and proven practices with the community to let it evolve. You can read more about our services, insights and case studies in our blog.

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