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Good design equals good business

Our app design services don’t only help you make your product more attractive. We want to understand and meet your user needs. Great design is about adding value and solving problems. We make design that impacts your business results.


Drive users to your app

Create something special, something your target users can’t just pass by.

Our mobile app design services

Successful projects start on solid foundations. Our UI/UX design process originates from Design Thinking. Before we get down to sketching wireframes in Figma, we seek to understand your audience and the problem you want to solve.


We run a design workshop to bring order to your requirements and understand what product you want to design. Before the workshop, we research your market, identify your competitors, and analyse their products. Our goal at this stage is to define the core idea that will drive our design decisions.

Customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping allows us to identify your user’s needs, wants, objections, and concerns as they are interacting with your product. The result of this step is a customer journey map – a visual representation of the path that a user takes in your app to accomplish their specific goal.

Customer development

At this stage, we validate your product vision and our design ideas with your target audience. We use Jobs To Be Done as a framework for customer development. After defining what “jobs” your product seeks to accomplish, we prepare the questions and run interviews with your users.

User flows

When we know your users and their goals, we can define the steps that your users need to take to achieve their goals. User flows are diagrams that give you a bird’s-eye view of your product. They help us define the number of screens we need, their order, and what components we need on each screen.


The process contains the following steps: Sketch → Wireframe → Prototype. A wireframe is a low-fidelity mockup that gives you an idea of the screen layout and structure. A prototype is a more detailed design model of your future app. It’s as close to your final product as possible.

UI design

User interface design is the process of creating the look and feel of your product. We focus on clean UIs that don’t distract users from completing their goals. We use moodboards to communicate our visual ideas and agree on the direction in terms of colors, fonts and other visual elements with you.

Look at the apps we’ve designed

Our Surf’s product team is well-versed in designing user interfaces for different types of apps. We’ve designed applications for banks, retail brands, pharmacies and even cryptocurrency exchanges. We understand the specifics of different audiences and know how to solve their problems with design.

Book shopping app
We’ve designed and built this app for iPhone and Android smartphones, iPads and tablets. It won multiple awards as the best designed app in the shopping category. It also belongs to 50 apps that were first in the world to implement Instant Apps
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There are no random solutions on the bookstore’s website – every feature is tested and proven. What we did was transfer our website’s functionality to the mobile application. However, the opposite is happening now. When we’re working on our website and need some inspiration, we return to our mobile app to find it.

Design director and manager

KFC app for employees
The app simplifies reporting and document management for KFC restaurants’ shift managers, territorial managers and directors helping them better control work processes and maintain the set standards.
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Design for people

Our human-centered approach to design lets you create an app that your users will love – and what else do you need to succeed with your product?

  • Accessible
  • Responsive
  • Compatible with a mobile platform
  • Usable
  • Engaging
  • Fun and enjoyable
  • Frictionless
  • Beautiful
  • Well thought-out

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Need both design and development?

We can also help you build your app using native technologies for iOS and Android, or using Flutter, a cross-platform framework. Explore our services for more details.

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