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    Elearning Software Development Companies: How To Choose

    The demand for elearning software development companies has never been greater. Online education is one of the fastest developing verticals — it is projected to reach $350 billion by 2025.

    As companies seek fresh approaches to outpace their rivals, it’s essential to find developers who can deliver exceptional results. To assist you in this process, we’ve curated a list of 5 development companies.

    How we selected elearning software development companies for this list

    We’ve handpicked each of these companies for their comprehensive software development services, and a proven-track record in the elearning industry. 

    Here’s the criteria they had to meet:

    • A team of experienced and skilled developers who are proficient with the latest technologies
    • A proven ability to build custom solutions that meet the unique needs of each client in the elearning vertical
    • At least 20 reviews on Clutch and 4.9-star review rating as minimum
    • A full-product cycle customer centric approach including project planning, development, and post-launch support 

    Let’s get straight into the list:

    hr app


    Location: Delaware, New York, and Washington D.C., USA

    Payment rates: $50 per hour

    Services: Web development, mobile development, native and cross-platform technologies, UX/UI design, full-cycle development

    Surf, a Google-certified development company, specializes in web and mobile development — both native and cross-platforms — with a focus on Flutter. This cutting edge framework enables the creation of apps that run on multiple platforms from a single codebase, which minimizes development time and helps clients control costs while getting high quality software.

    They have successfully completed projects for major enterprises such as KFC, Burger King, UniCredit, and SBI Bank, as well as Y Combinator startups. Their expertise spans across various industries, including fintech, foodtech, edtech, and more.

    Bring your idea to reality with Surf

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    Surf ranks among the top ten Flutter developers worldwide. A standout project in their edtech portfolio is an in-house enterprise training software. Developed using Flutter, the app helps more than 10,000 employees of the client to enhance their computer literacy and foster a culture of idea-sharing and contributions to the company’s growth.

    Shortlist Surf if: you’re looking for a development partner who can handle any project using the latest development tools and adapt flexibly to your processes and requirements.

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    Location: Gdańsk, Poland

    Payment rates: $50 – $99 per hour

    Services: Web development, machine learning, UX/UI design, AI integration

    Neoteric is a development firm that specializes in AI integration, assisting businesses in incorporating machine learning-powered tools into their existing products or developing new ones with a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence. If you need to incorporate AI into your elearning project, consider placing this development company at the top of your list.

    Shortlist Neotec if: your project leans heavily on AI



    Location: Denver, CO, USA

    Payment rates: $29-49 per hour

    Services: IT consulting, UX/UI, software engineering, product development, DevOps

    itransition has a proven track record of crafting elearning experiences for schools, government organizations, and businesses. They have helped transform traditional classroom experiences into online formats and developed streamlined employee onboarding products. The company has been on the market for 20+ and employs a team of over 3,000 IT specialists.

    Shortlist itransition if: you need to transition classroom-based learning into an online experience



    Location: New York, NY, USA

    Payment rates: $25 – $49 per hour

    Services: Web and mobile development, UX/UI, dedicated teams, DevOps, QA, product management

    Andresen, established in 2007, boasts a notable presence with 100 reviews on Clutch. Their expertise lies in mobile and web development for diverse industries, including elearning. Catering primarily to large and medium-sized businesses, Andresen offers comprehensive support throughout the project life-cycle.

    Shortlist Andersen if: you are looking for an enterprise elearning solution

    web app and site

    Suffescom Solutions Inc

    Location: California, CA, USA

    Payment rates: $25 – $49 per hour

    Services: Web, mobile, Web3, and blockchain development, consulting, UX/UI

    Suffescom Solutions collaborates with startups and mid-sized businesses, concentrating on projects that encompass crypto, blockchain, and Web3 technologies. They have developed several blockchain-powered elearning platforms and have a track record of successfully delivering 50 blockchain projects in total.

    Shortlist Suffescom if: you are looking to build an elearning platform for Web3

    Choose the right software development company for your project

    When searching for an elearning software development company, it’s crucial to find a team that shares your values, vision and has relevant experience.

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