Why choose Surf for enterprise software development

Surf’ enterprise software developers provide businesses with a wide spectrum of development services, using cutting-edge technologies and tools. Our skills and achievements are recognized by the community and experts.


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When you need Surf for enterprise software development

Surf is the matching technological partner for developing enterprise software if you are planning to optimize and automate operational tasks across the entire organization, set up communication inside of your company, or have other digitization projects.

  1. Automation of manual and repetitive tasks

    From inventory management to order collection, by automating routine internal processes, ERP helps employees to focus on complex tasks and clients of the company.

  2. Workflow optimization and fewer errors

    Digital document flow, mobile receipt printing, and other solutions reduce the resources required for daily operations and solving issues

  3. Accurate real–time reporting and insights

    Automatic data collection on multiple levels, from a whole division to every single employee, provides the analytics necessary for fast and accurate decision-making

  4. Increased HR efficiency

    With tools helping to decrease expenses on hiring, education, management and assessments of results.

Custom enterprise software development services

Take operational efficiency to the next level with a custom-made ERP solution that improves critical parts of your business. While ready-made solutions bring cost-effectiveness and faster implementation to the table, it lacks customization and necessary functionality. Hiring an ERP development company results in a solution tailored to the enterprise’s needs and challenges.

Web and Mobile solutions

Get access to business operations from web and mobile devices and empower employees with our expertly designed software

ERP integration

Achieve unparalleled business results by working seamlessly within your business environment by integrating software with APIs and microservice architecture

ChatGPT, AI and VR integration

Leverage the power of chatbots in daily operations, automate legal document analysis, collaborate in VR with remote workers, or enhance EQ in HR

Redefining industries with software development

Over more than 12 years, Surf has worked with leading companies and emerging startups in e-commerce, food tech, healthcare, fintech, and other industries.

Custom ERP system for KFC restaurants to digitize workflow

Surf has substituted manual clock-ins / clock-outs with an enterprise app for Android tablets connected to a smart face recognition system. The automatic process is immune to tampering, automatically calculates wages, and measures performance, reducing manual labor.

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App for bookstore couriers that helps to deliver 20% more orders during each shift

Flutter-powered mobile application plans routes for drivers, automatically sends order updates to customers, and allows couriers to accept payments via NFC.

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Enterprise HR app to transform corporate training process

A corporate training app for smartphones transforms mandatory training into a gamified digital experience with intuitive UX and bonuses and fosters a sense of belonging among employees through leaderboards and exciting competitions

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From management activities to training flow – we’ll help you streamline corporate activities. Let’s discuss your project.

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Full-cycle custom ERP development services

Surf is an enterprise software development company that covers the whole process, from initial concept creation to a successful release.

  1. Business analysis and planning


    Identifies project’s goals and objectives and outlines functional and non-functional requirements. Surf provides a comprehensive customer journey map and solutions for any potential bottlenecks or issues.

  2. Design stage


    Involves developing a blueprint that covers the project’s structure, appearance, components, and how they work together. From wireframes to a fully working prototype. Surf uses a Design Thinking approach, where decisions are based on users and their needs.

  3. Development


    The process of engineering the design into working code and testing it. Surf does automated and manual tests from the start of the development, which helps to optimize the whole process. If necessary, the stage includes software integration into a company’s business environment.

  4. Release and maintenance


    Ensuring that all requirements of app stores and the business are met for a smooth release. Meanwhile, Surf’s documenting of the project’s every aspect makes a transfer to the in-house team for maintenance as easy as possible.

Surf is a reliable dev firm and our portfolio of clients proves it

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