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A Marketplace for All Things Car Service
A mobile app for automobilists and a b2b solution for servicing businesses
Burger King
Redesign and bringing fail safety up to 99%
Custom ERP system: digital business transformation and process automation
The App of the New Generation for KFC
The Concept of a Mobile App for KFC with Augmented Reality, a Voice Assistant, and Contactless Payment
Mobile App for an Online Book Shop
It belongs to 50 apps that were first in the world to implement Instant Apps
Mobile Food Delivery Service
Mobile app for one of the largest online food delivery aggregators
An App for the Large Retailer
Information app and a loyalty program with MAU 9,6 millions
Courier and Route Apps for the Online Book Store
Number of deliveries boosted by more than 20% due to automated workflow
An App for Beauty Stores
Mobile online shop for the large chain of beauty stores
Two Native Apps for an Online Fashion Shop
Mobile app for a multi-brand retail chain
Mobile Pharmacy App Developed with Flutter
Apps for 3 pharmacy chain brands with a single codebase
App for a Large Online Pet Shop
Mobile e-commerce app where customers buy three times more often
An App for a Luxury Clothing Brand
New sales channel for a fashion brand