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We will develop a family application to help your bank expand the target audience and progress in your own niche

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Family banking is banking products for the whole family, including kids, teenagers, and older adults

We can solve for you various tasks

  • We develop apps for the whole family

    The app will be a joint tool that meets the needs of each of the family members.and will cover:

    • A joint family account with different access rights
    • Personal accounts for each family member
    • Expense analytics
    • Subscription monitoring and statistics thereof
    • Useful content
    • Quick access to payment templates
    • A built-in reminder of future payments for classes and study groups
    • Calendar of family events
    • Personified offers: cashback for Fortnite skins for a kid and for BP fuel purchase for a father
    • Parents can view all family member accounts, tasks, and latest expenses
  • We implement kid-friendly banking
    • Improving financial literacy — we separate pocket-money and savings
    • Providing quick access to tasks set by parents
    • Adding kids-adapted educational content
    • Personalised interface: we provide kids with a chance to choose the design theme
  • We create apps for teenagers
    • Implementing more profound financial education
    • Customizing to the target audience interests, with the option to choose the theme
    • Providing the possibility to separate self-earned money and money received from parents
  • We develop age-friendly apps for older adults
    • We will take into account the target audience needs and create an interface that is easy-to-understand for the elderly people
    • We will add all features they need, such as state services integration, recurring utility payments, and others
  • We help your marketing experts segment the audience

    While choosing the themes, the users mark themselves for marketing purposes. Based on this information, partnership programs can be implemented, with shops and brands to offer the goods that the users will definitely like.

How we develop apps

Preparation and design
  • We perform product research to explore the audience and conduct JTBD interviews. During a CJM workshop, we build a customer journey map.
  • We prepare a UX/UI draft covering all user scenarios, including negative ones.
  • We detect bottlenecks, barriers, and problems and find ways to get them over.
  • We create efficient UX/UI, taking into account insights, our ten years’ expertise, and experience with the largest banks.
  • Your project will be in the hands of the Middle+ tight-knit team with rich experience in banking projects. You do not need to spend time and effort to find and retain an expensive in-house development team.
  • For 6 months, we’ll develop the first version of your app.
  • We develop Swift and Kotlin native apps or a Flutter cross-platform app. More about Flutter you can read here.
  • We’ll adjust working with the backend. To make the app interact correctly with the backend and receive the data from it promptly, we create an intermediate layer — middleware.
  • The Surf team includes 20+ QA engineers with mobile banking experience.
  • We carry out the load tests and processing speed optimization.
  • We can cover to 80% of scenarios with automated tests. This will allow us to test apps for bugs and simulate any scenarios.
  • We’ll set up your testing environment and integrate to the build automation environment (CI).
Release and support
  • Due to ten years of experience with banks, we pass the safety audit on the first attempt. Your app will comply with all standards.
  • We speed up the release to 90% using DevOps.
  • We continue supporting your product. Or we carefully transfer it in-house if you choose to maintain it further on your own. We document in detail all projects and make the code easy to understand to reduce the barrier of entry for new developers.

What our clients say about us

Surf developed our app from scratch. The first version was launched in 2018. Since then, the app has acquired many new possibilities. In some questions, Surf acted as experts and prepared recommendations on better ways to implement this or that feature. Today the app has high conversion rates and more than 100 thousand installations. We have been collaborating with Surf for three years already, and the term speaks volumes — we succeeded in setting up an efficient workflow
Artem Kulvinskiy

Head of Digital Services Development, Zenit Bank

Surf has extensive competence in solutions for banks, including creating cutting-edge apps. It is not easy to build an app that becomes a trendsetter. It is only possible if the company follows technology progress closely and promptly implements the most innovative solutions. Surf did a great job.
Andrey Davydov

Head of Mobile Bank, Rosbank Corporate Digital

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