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Develop a brand new mobile banking solution or a fintech service available on smartphones. We've been in the fintech mobile app development for the past 12 years serving some of the largest financial institutions and emerging startups. Contact us

Our focus areas

We specialize in building mobile banking apps and trading platforms.

Banking apps

  • Instant payments
  • Online loan applications
  • Loyalty programs
  • Know Your Customer approach
  • Meet the needs of individuals, enterprises, and SMBs

Trading apps

  • Real-time market navigation
  • Customizable charts
  • Informed decision-making
  • Built-in education
  • Meet the needs of stock, options, and futures traders
  • Great for professionals and beginners

Our banking & fintech projects

Surf is a company of choice when it comes to mobile banking and trading app development. Check out our recent projects below.

Banking app in only 3 months
We helped а bank develop a mobile app for their VIP customers in three months – a crazy short timeline for a project like that. In addition to banking services, the app offers VIP privileges such as the possibility to book a private helicopter.
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One app for 5 different banks
Our Client is a parent company for five commercial banks. They needed an application that would serve completely different types of customers. To solve this challenge, we built a complex design system taking into account the needs of different audiences.
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Real-time cryptocurrency trading platform
The Client is a mobile crypto exchange for both casual and professional cryptocurrency investors. Its users monitor price changes, buy, sell, and trade crypto. We made it possible for price quotes to get updated 20 times per second.
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Smart banking app on top of legacy backend
We helped the bank rebuild its old app using an improved “smart banking” concept. Because some services had to work using the existing backend, we built a middleware server: a layer that connects the new app to both the old and the new backend.
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Fintech app design

Finance isn’t as simple as plugging in numbers on a spreadsheet. Financial apps have to be able to display large amounts of data and include complex user flows. Despite the complexity, fintech must make daily financial operations accessible and user-friendly for everyone. And that’s exactly how we design finance apps.

There was no backend development expertise in our bank, so the work on the server-side fell on different contractors. In the process, we realized that it would be much better to let Surf develop the entire application because they have deep analytics and understanding of our business processes.
Dmitry Malykh

CPO and Head of Electronic Business Department

Fintech solutions we can build for you

As a mobile banking application development company, we’re the best fit for projects in the banking domain. But you can consider our expertise for the following types of projects as well:

Mobile banking app development

Perfect for both neobanks and traditional banks.

Stock trading app development

We know how to make stock trading simple.

Personal finance app development

Help your users keep their finances under control.

Robo advisor development

We can help you change investment management.

Insurance mobile app development

Speed up claims processing and policy administration.

Mobile payment app development

Loan lending solutions and P2P payment apps.

Digital wallet app development

Either for cryptocurrencies or conventional fiat money (or both).

Team up with experts
in fintech product development

If you’re looking for an experienced technical partner to develop a solution for finance, Surf is the right company for you.

Want to develop a scalable, reliable, and fault-resistant service?

Surf can do it for you. Drop us a brief and let’s do your project together! erh

Olga Gromakovskaya

Chief Commercial Officer, Surf

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