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    Flutter App UI Design: Things to Consider

    Flutter app UI Design enables a wide range of customization options, allowing designers to create interactive and dynamic interfaces that can accommodate any type of application and realize their creative vision in full detail. 

    From shopping apps to content discovery experiences, Flutter has been the go-to framework for us at Surf and many other teams looking to deliver reliable, intuitive mobile, desktop and web applications to their users. To get an idea of what this framework is like in action, take a look at some of the examples we’ve gathered for you.

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    Flutter apps UI designs: case studies

    Flutter app UI design is a perfect way to get a captivating look and feel for your app. Flutter app world provides us with numerous case studies that show that this SDK utilizes the power of both Android and iOS platforms, making applications look sharp with its user-friendly interface while taking less development time.

    Wonderous by Flutter

    This is not a commercial project, but a showcase from Google’s Flutter team, which they made to demonstrate the design capabilities of their framework. At the same time, it is a carefully designed and fully working application. You can download it on Google Play or on the App Store to explore and appraise the potential UX, interactions, animations and design-systems Flutter provides.

    Flutter app screens

    Video streaming platform by Surf

    This is one of the most ambitious projects we’ve built: the client wanted us to develop their own video streaming application that would be able to compete with YouTube for users’ attention. To achieve this, we created a modern UI and used opportunities of the SDK to implement soothing animations, smooth transitions and comfortable UX. Our design and Flutter development teams really appreciated the ease of communication with each other and the quality of the UI concept implementation in code.

    video streaming platform

    Neobank application concept by Surf

    Among the prominent features of this project is the level of flexibility Flutter gives in terms of interface designs. The appearance of the entire project of a particular application can be easily changed according to the client’s needs. For instance, you can download custom fonts or adjust the look of specific elements and screens, and the changes will be immediately displayed by the framework’s engine.

    neobank app concept

    More awesome Flutter UI design examples

    Mangirdas Kazlauskas, a Flutter enthusiast from Poland, took an iOS developer’s project and decided to repeat the same, but now with Flutter. This case perfectly shows that the framework is no less powerful than native development even in the tiniest details.

    lock screen

    Diego Velasquez has created an interactive mobile pizza builder right in the product card in the delivery application. You can select the size of the pizza, add ingredients by dragging and dropping them onto the 3D model. And you also can see pizza being packed into the box after adding it to the cart.

    flutter interface

    Notable things about Flutter app UI design

    The features of this powerful SDK make it the ideal choice for developing applications that stand out from the competition. Here are some of them. 

    • 3D elements and heavy graphics support

    Thanks to Impeller and Flame graphic engines, the framework is powerful enough to render in-app static and interactive 3D objects and other heavy elements while working with native-like performance at 60-120 FPS. This greatly unleashes the potential of the interface design and opens up a lot of possibilities for implementing features such as gamification.

    3D objects processing
    • Awesome animations

    In-app animations have a huge impact on the entire user experience: they play a communicational role and help facilitate engagement. Flutter makes it easy to apply and implement interactive animations that provide an enjoyable and unique user experience. The Skia and Impeller graphic engines ensure there are no freezes, and the Hot Reload feature allows testing those animations in real time and causes minimal disruption during development.

    • Material and Cupertino compliance

    The SDK goes with Android and iOS platform widgets out-of-the-box which makes it far easier to implement a full OS-specific design layout tailored to the guideline. However, there are a bunch of the most common mistakes, you should know how to avoid.

    • Pixel-perfect rendering

    The Flutter engine meticulously draws every pixel of the elements on the screen, so the interface looks unified on all devices, and designers do not have to adjust the UI to the peculiarities of the SDK.

    Flutter app concept
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    Summing up

    Flutter is probably the best framework, not only in terms of speed and cost of development, but also regarding interface design capabilities and the ease of cooperation between designers and developers. 

    Google’s team is continuously developing it, turning the previously impossible things into the commonplace. Now your team can implement UX/UI of literally any complexity and weight with the power of Skia and Impeller graphic engines, vast widget libraries, 3D graphics support, and tools like Rive.