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With 25+ Flutter projects since 2019, our app development agency is recognized among the top Flutter development agencies in the global market.


among Top Rated Flutter Developers Worldwide by Clutch


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Flutter app development for quality and speed combo

Flutter can be an advantageous cross-platform solution for both large-scale enterprises and scaling up startups, and Surf will provide your business with skills and resources in any of the below cases.

You need to cover the target audience who use various devices, but native app development costs exceed your budget.

You have a Flutter app but lack in-house skills and resources to develop it further on.

Your multi brand company needs individual UI for different target audiences without changing UX.

Success stories of Flutter mobile app development at Surf

As a Flutter app development company with 13+ years of experience, we have expertise in banking, fintech, ecommerce, healthcare, and entertainment domains.

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Hire top Flutter developers to bring your Flutter app idea to life

Our agency develops mobile and web apps using Agile software development methodology, where the process breaks down into short iterations. At the end of each iteration, you’ll get a working chunk of functionality ready for review. Flutter app development services take about 3–6 months, and you’ll get a cross-platform app for your project.

  1. Plan

    You’ll get a product development roadmap that details how we’re going to build the app for your company.

  2. Design

    You’ll get UI/UX design for your future solution with a customer journey map and user flows.

  3. Build

    You’ll get a build delivered every two weeks for your approval. Flutter reduces our development effort by 50%.

  4. Test

    Flutter mobile app development includes testing during every iteration. Our agency provides QA, infrastructure, and test documentation.

  5. Launch

    We’ll help you release your app to Apple’s App Store and Google Play and support it continually.

We develop apps across the entire globe

What our clients have to say

As a reputable Flutter app development company, we strive to be a reliable technology partner for our clients and build effective collaboration beyond conventional project activities.

“When Surf were only bidding for the contract, they had such a cool concept of the app, that we just knew: this company offers custom solutions and has loads of original ideas. And that first impression turned out to be true — these guys have contributed a lot of original ideas and have an unconventional approach to development. We’re really pleased with the results of our collaboration with Surf.”
Head of Online Sales
“We created a nice platform for modern mobile banking in a very short time. We managed to create universal mobile banking for business, which is so handy to use for business clients of any size, from a small coffee shop to an oil corporation.”
Head of Bank Mobile
“Surf provided us with a custom web app development service for video streaming, allowing our users to access over 40 shows. Surf’s deep expertise in mobile development and the ability to achieve results and constantly improve the product are surprising. Even after the release, we continue to work together on the application, update it, and improve it.”
Online Content Producer

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We readily share our knowledge and practical tips related to Flutter app development services.

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Below, we’ve listed some of the most common questions about Flutter that we get from our clients. If your question isn’t here, send it to us via email.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source UI toolkit built by Google. It was released in 2017 with a goal to let developers create applications for Android and iOS from a single codebase.

How does Flutter compare to other cross-platform app development frameworks?

In Surf’s opinion, it’s the best tool for building cross-platform applications. Other tools, such as React Native, Ionic, Cordova, Xamarin don’t provide the same user experience as Flutter and lag behind in terms of performance. Before we started using Flutter, we had experimented with React Native a lot but had to abandon it. To learn more about how Flutter compares to other frameworks, check out our guides:


Flutter vs React Native 

Flutter vs Xamarin

Flutter vs Ionic

Flutter vs Cordova

What projects is Flutter the best fit for?

Flutter is good for anything from shopping and ride-sharing to banking and foodtech. Flutter can be used to build any type of mobile app, and it’s an absolute blast for apps with unified UI/UX because in this case, you don’t need to adjust UI elements to different devices.

Is Flutter a good match for desktop and web development?

Google does not stop active Flutter development. The third SDK version made a real revolution in frontend development without compromising the required stability level. Now we can develop an application on a single code base (reusing 80-95%) and adapt it for mobile, web, and desktop. This means, we have some platform-specific features and UX solutions to be finalized. Also, the overall costs will be less as compared to native projects for each separate platform.

Check our Flutter neobank app concept for major platforms

How much does it cost to build applications with Flutter?

The project cost depends on your functionality and requirements. But we can assure you that building an app with Flutter is going to save you up to 60% of your budget. Following MVP release, adding new features at the further development stage takes 20% less time. Maintaining your app is going to be up to 70% cheaper than maintaining separate native iOS and Android applications.

How do I hire Flutter app developers at Surf?

Easy. Send us a project request. We’ll get back to you within a business day to discuss your app in more detail. If it’s a good fit for us, we’ll assign one of our best Flutter app developers to your project, and you can start working immediately.

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