Mobile Apps to Automate Processes in FoodTech

We will develop a custom solution to automate up to 90% of your processes. Take advantage of our best practices and ten-year experience with food tech market leaders.

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We have earned the trust of top-tier retailers

Here is what we can achieve with the app

  • Up to three times increase in conversion (to 15%)

    We build a user-friendly ordering flow for your app based on customer development methodology and CJM workshop findings.

  • Accelerate delivery by 20+%

    We create apps for products or ready-to-eat meal delivery.

  • Increase cross-selling by more than 50%

    We integrate the app with recommendation services that make personalized offers based on the customer preferences analysis. We design optimal user experience based on our ten-years background with top food tech apps.

  • Make your customers happier

    We implement a loyalty program in the app along with an online chat for immediate connection to support service.

  • Maintain the income even during a lockdown period

    We automate service at restaurants: ordering without face-to-face interaction, service based on QR codes.

How can we help you improve the internal processes?

  • Reducing expenses for courier service logistics by 30%

    We develop apps to automate the work of couriers and drivers.

  • Replacing all paper-based processes with digital ones and integrating them into a single planning and analytics tool

    We automate setting and monitoring of routine or one-time tasks for restaurant employees and management. We optimize time consumption and reduce costs for the tasks.

  • Implementing a 360-restaurant operation assessment system

    We integrate the service with R-Keeper and IIKO. We perform real-time analysis of all transactions.

  • Providing management with the opportunity to monitor the situation 24\7

    We develop dashboards to analyze situations in restaurants in terms of revenue, meals, service rate, and occupancy.

  • Assisting in improving employee performance and saving up to 10 hours of manager time per week

    We automate completely scheduling taking into account revenue targets and real number of guests in the restaurant by hours.


  • Discussing goals and challenges and choosing 20% of solutions that will produce 80% of success to your business
  • Conducting an audience research and Jobs-To-Be-Done interviews
  • Building an employee journey map in the company
  • Creating a draft UX/UI taking into account all possible user scenarios including negative ones
  • Performing UX tests and studying the user analytics
  • Determining bottlenecks and the ways to digitalize and integrate them
  • Creating effective UX/UI considering all gathered insights
  • Developing native apps with Swift and Kotlin, or a cross platform app with Flutter. More about Flutter here
  • Integrating all back-end systems into one API for web and mobile apps
  • Adjusting user analytics

Our customers testimonials

I have tested all of our peers’ apps available in the market and can say that this is probably the best app for online pizza ordering in the country at the moment. It is fast, well-designed, and user-friendly.

Founder of a pizza delivery franchise

Surf developed for us an excellent mobile app. Now the customer can manage deliveries and settle support-related issues in the app. This resulted in an increased average bill and LTV, and we acquired new customers.

Product Manager of a food delivery service

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