Mobile Apps to Automate Processes in FoodTech

We will develop a custom solution to automate up to 90% of your processes. Take advantage of our best practices and ten-year experience with food tech market leaders. Contact us

Find out what goals we can achieve with the app


To achieve up to three times increase in conversion (to 15%).

Based on customer development methodology and findings of customer journey map workshop we build in the app the most user-friendly ordering flow.

Large-scale food delivery app
We created the first mass food delivery app in Russia for Delivery Club, the largest online food delivery aggregator in the country.
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Future generation app for KFC
We created a design concept of the food delivery app with voice assistant and AR menu.
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How can we help you improve the internal processes?


Reducing expenses for courier service logistics by 30%.

We develop apps to automate couriers and drivers work.

We analyzed the internal processes within the restaurant business and automated it having developed the custom ERP system. The system aggregates financial data from all KFC restaurants and helps managers make prompt decisions and improve efficiency.
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Apps for Labirint couriers
We created apps that automated drivers and couriers work and helped to increase the number of deliveries by more than 20%.
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  • Discussing goals and challenges and choosing 20% of solutions that will produce 80% of success to your business.
  • Conducting a short sprint to build a product concept.
  • Performing an audience research and Jobs-To-Be-Done interviews.
  • Building a customer or employee journey map during a CJM workshop.
  • Creating a draft UX/UI taking into account all possible user scenarios including negative ones.
  • Performing UX tests and studying the user analytics.
  • Finding out bottlenecks, barriers, and problems and the ways to solve them.
  • Creating effective UX/UI taking into account insights.
  • Developing native apps with Swift and Kotlin, or a cross platform app with Flutter. More about Flutter here.
  • Integrating all backend systems into one API for web and mobile apps.
  • Adjusting user analytics.
  • Assisting in implementation of the user system, developing guidelines and an onboarding program.
  • Adjusting systems for monitoring the state of services and servers, supporting the product according to SLA.
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