Why choose Surf for frontend development

Since 2011, we deliver frontend, backend, and mobile development services for global enterprises and startups, with 200+ projects in our portfolio

When you need Surf frontend developers

Our frontend expertise spans diverse industries being particularly beneficial for retail, healthcare, edtech, corporate resource management solutions

  1. If your business plans to automate complex internal flows through web applications, we will render support, drawing from our experience with international-scale companies.

  2. If your in-house team has no necessary expertise for web applications we will join the project seamlessly. We provide assistance, establish workflows, and transfer the knowledge base.

  3. If your business has an app that’s slow, with cluttered UI, and difficult to use, especially as your processes become more complex, we can help you develop a streamlined and user-friendly frontend.

What solutions we offer

We focus on web apps and websites for projects with complex business logic, designed for large data volumes and cover all platforms: desktops to smart watches

  1. Custom automation systems

    – CRM, ERP, HRM, CMS, and similar systems

  2. Digital solutions for retail

    – POS terminals
    – Self-service checkouts

  3. Online services

    – Personal accounts
    – Admin panels

  4. Personnel management

    – Corporate portals
    – HR applications

  5. Content management systems

    – Internal analytics
    – Ads management

  6. Real-time reporting

    – Complex charts and data sets
    – Custom dashboards

Our case studies

The extensive frontend development projects typically span around one year. If you need the Surf team will offer backend development services

Need a turnkey custom frontend solution?

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Our development process

We can flexibly manage complete frontend development for web applications, no matter their complexity. We’re ready to develop a mobile frontend for you

  1. Preliminary research

    – Conducting business and UX research
    – Crafting Customer Journey Maps (CJM)
    – Designing architecture

  2. Design phase

    – Developing technical specifications
    – Creating user interface
    – Building prototypes

  3. Frontend development

    – Choosing the optimal technology stack
    – Developing in iterative cycles
    – Rolling out updates

  4. Testing

    – Conducting end-to-end testing
    – Implementing automated tests
    – Setting up a device farm (if needed)

  5. Project handover

    – Providing comprehensive documentation
    – Transferring processes
    – Offering support in team selection (optional)

Read more in our blog

The Surf team consistently shares expertise and insights on frontend development and related topics through our site’s blog.

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