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We develop backend solutions with Go that allow integrating up to 1000 microservices. Our Golang development company builds APIs connecting frontend with a mobile app and achieves up to 90% faster release deployment.

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Golang development tasks we solve

  • We use top Golang development tools to design the cloud-native system for any load

    Taking into account scalability and potential system loads. Golang and its development tools can support a complex microservice architecture.

  • Our team performs the complete development cycle
    • We take up back-end and front-end development using Go or other languages (Java, Kotlin).
    • We develop a mobile app—native or Flutter-powered, if required.
    • We apply unified standards and well-written documentation to the system to make it easy for you to maintain it in-house.
  • We optimize data processing and save your resources
    • We use middleware to integrate the service with any internal or external systems. The middleware provides for fast processing of heterogeneous data from several sources.
    • We decrease your back-end load and expenses for data storage and processing.
  • We apply Golang for backend development
    • We use the Golang to ensure reliable and proper operation for video streaming services and ERP systems, business internal services and analytical systems.
    • Golang programming language is created for developing server apps and services: heavy computing, multithreaded systems, parsers. But it is not the best choice for graphic interfaces.
    • For the frontend, we offer Flutter framework based solutions to help your company save up to 40% of the development budget.
  • We offer building API that reduces the response time from 100ms to 10ms
    • We’ll develop an API to provide you with an effective way to adjust fast interaction between services.
    • If required, we’ll set up integration with the backend, all internal systems, and a mobile app.
  • We achieve up to 90% faster release deployment due to DevOps
    • We implement automation for build, tests, and deploy,
    • Set up CI\CD,
    • Set up an EFK stack to collect and visualize logs,
    • Describe your infrastructure as a code,
    • Help decrease infrastructure costs due to cloud solutions (Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services),
    • Automate app deployment and managing using Kubernetes and ArgoCD.
  • We spare your efforts for finding the Golang software development team

    You do not need to waste time and money to search, hire, and retain Golang developers. Our Middle+ Go engineers can implement projects of any complexity level.

Golang development outsourcing: our workflow

  • Team onboarding.
  • Drawing up a project roadmap and scope of work.
  • Analyzing the systems to integrate with and defining the integration protocols.
  • System architecture design, taking into account product details.
  • Infrastructure design: we describe your future cluster and calculate cloud storage resources that are required.
  • Detailed project estimation.
  • Golang development: we write the code, build the infrastructure, set up the automation.
  • Creating documentation: our practices and approaches are well-documented.
  • Testing. We write CI unit tests and perform manual testing.
Release and support
  • We speed up release cycles by 90% due to DevOps practices, ensure fewer incidents, and make bug fixing faster.
  • We support and continue to develop your project under SLA or transfer it for your further in-house development.

Our clients’ testimonials

Even at the discussion stage, it became clear that Surf is the best choice in terms of resources and processes. The company had everything we needed: designers, development expertise, both in the frontend and backend.


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