Why choose Surf for Golang Development?

Surf’s team consists of skilled mid-to-senior level Go developers. We’ve collaborated with major international brands, including Burger King, KFC, UniCredit, as well as with Y combinator startups.


Years of cross-industry experience


among 280 000 Global Service Providers by Clutch


Experienced team-members

When Golang development is for you

Choose Surf’s Golang development service to build a scalable, efficient microservice architecture, designed for your project’s scalability and potential system loads. Golang development is for you if:

  1. You need turnkey development of your backend with Golang

  2. You want to decrease your back-end load and expenses for data storage and processing.

  3. You want to reduce the response time of your APIs

  4. You need golang development outsourcing to augment your existing team with middle+ Go developers

Surf’s Golang development services

Our Golang development company provides services tailored to your company’s project, from end-to-end development to specific needs like DevOps setup, API development, and middleware integration.

  1. Architecture design

    We’ll develop a comprehensive, well-documented service architecture capable of integrating tens of microservices.

  2. Backend and API development

    We’ll create backends for ERP systems, video streaming services, and analytics platforms, designed to handle high loads.

  3. Middleware integration

    We’ll integrate your existing legacy code with a new Go backend using a high-performance middleware layer.

  4. DevOps setup

    We’ll ensure 90% faster release and deployment using modern CI/CD, while also helping to reduce infrastructure costs.

  5. End-to-end development

    We’ll develop a multiplatform framework-based frontend, cutting your development budget by up to 40%.

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Our workflow

In our Golang development environment, we utilize PMI methodology, emphasizing seamless integration with client processes and demonstrating progress through bi-weekly test builds.

  1. Preparing
    • Onboarding the team.
    • Drafting a project roadmap and defining the scope of work.
    • Analyzing systems for integration and establishing integration protocols.
  2. Design
    • Designing system architecture with product details in mind.
    • Planning infrastructure, outlining future clusters and required cloud storage resources.
    • Estimating the project roadmap in detail.
  3. Development
    • Developing Golang apps or other products, including code writing, infrastructure building, and automation setup with modern Golang development toolkit.
    • Documenting our practices and approaches thoroughly.
    • Conducting testing, including CI unit tests and manual testing.
  4. DevOps
    • Implementing automation and setting up CI/CD.
    • Setting up an EFK stack for log collection and visualization.
    • Defining infrastructure as code.
    • Reducing infrastructure costs with cloud solutions like Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.
    • Automating app deployment and management using Kubernetes and ArgoCD.
    • Accelerating release cycles by 90%, minimizing incidents, and streamlining bug fixing through DevOps practices.
  5. Release and support
    • Providing ongoing support and development under SLA.
    • Or seamlessly transitioning the project in-house

Client testimonials

Our clients report notable improvements in key business metrics after partnering with Surf, as evidenced by our client reviews:

“The application was developed without a technical specification, simply based on functional requirements. For me personally, it shows the professionalism of the team, which can develop an application well and quickly grasp the essence of a business problem. And the result was exactly what we needed.”
Eugene Simonovich
Senior Business Solutions Architect
“Even at the discussion stage, it became clear that Surf is the best choice in terms of resources and processes. The company had everything we needed: designers, development expertise, both in the frontend and backend.”
Roman Kolesnikov

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