Android currently has the majority of the mobile OS market, making up over 70% share. For maximum exposure, companies need to develop apps for this operating system. And to ensure that their apps can complete, it is vital to hire great Android app developers.

    In this article, we’d like to share some of our accumulated tips that help us pick out great hires.

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    3 ways to hire Android developers

    When looking for skilled programmers, you have 3 options: you can look for independent freelancers, hire full time Android app developers, or work with a dedicated team through a mobile development services provider.

    Working with freelancers can be a good choice when you need to supplement an existing team or require a particular small task completed. However, there is a risk of running into missed deadlines, poor code quality, and miscommunication.

    Recruiting full-time developers allows you to have full control over the hiring process to pick out the candidates who fit your requirements perfectly. However, this strategy means a bigger commitment, is more costly, and tasks your HR resources.

    Hiring a dedicated team is like the best of both worlds. You’re getting a team with expertise, plus you don’t have to make a long-term commitment outside of the project scope. Also, the size of the team may vary according to the company’s needs. You can expand it by adding the necessary skills or assign it to a turnkey project as is. But setting clear expectations is necessary: be mindful of the project requirements and discuss how the code will be transferred and maintained after completion.

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    How we distinguish strong Android develops

    When we are searching for new employees, we evaluate their hard skills (such as programming proficiency) and soft skills (like adaptability and motivation) individually. 

    Our experience has taught us that having even one individual who is not in sync with the rest of the team’s values can derail the entire team’s productivity. Which is why we are ready to reject a candidate if either of the ability sets doesn’t meet Surf’s standards.

    How we pick candidates with strong hard skills  

    To begin with, we evaluate an individual’s technical experience. We pay close attention to their command of syntax, understanding of data structures and algorithms, and knowledge of design patterns.

    We also conduct a technical interview with a senior team member that lasts up to two hours. During the interview, we also ask the candidates to complete a series of coding challenges to get an understanding of their thought process and problem-solving ability.


    • Let a senior staff member conduct an in-depth technical interview
    • Design coding challenges to test the candidate’s problem-solving ability
    • Test their knowledge of required coding tools, like frameworks and libraries

    How we successfully evaluate soft skills

    To assess the candidate’s motivation, we might ask questions like ‘What is your favorite Android application and why?’ or ‘Are you working on any side projects?’ When they give a detailed response, it shows that they are really into programming and are likely to go the extra mile.

    We also ask them how they would solve tricky situations that may arise in the workplace, as a way of gauging their soft skills. We talk at length to understand their ability to take criticism, their communication style, and career goals: all of it helps to judge how well the person will fit in with the existing team.


    • Evaluate their motivation and pick candidates with a drive
    • It is important to gauge their ability to take criticism and proactiveness 
    • How well the new hire will fit into the team is also a crucial factor
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    Wrapping up

    Assembling a top-notch development team isn’t an easy job: it takes time and experience. But if you work with a dedicated team, you don’t have to go through this process right away. So let’s discuss your next Android project!