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    How to Hire Flutter Developers With Relevant Skills and Experience

    The theme of hiring Flutter developers is up to date. First released by Google in 2017, today Flutter is the second among the world’s most wanted frameworks and libraries according to 2020 Developer Survey. These are not only programmers who prefer the SDK but businesses of various scales, from Google to Alibaba Group, BWV,  Nubank, eBay, Toyota, etc.

    Surf has been a framework early adopter and already successfully implemented 15+ projects for various domains and contributed 30+ open-source packages. We know how to hire top Flutter developers and are ready to share some tips on the subject.

    How to hire Flutter developers?

    As more companies choose the framework as a tool for creating their mobile, web and desktop apps, the urgent issue is to find skilled and experienced experts able to use its benefits for the business.

    Where to hire?

    To hire experienced engineers you may choose one of the main options depending on the requirements of your project.

    Hiring freelancers is a good match to augment your team or implement a single project quickly. It’s cheaper as compared to in-house engineers, but be careful about the skill level, code quality, and meeting the deadlines.

    To hire full-time employees means control of the working process and their maximum involvement. The option is good for large-scale and complex applications but requires a full-fledged HR process.

    With a dedicated team you will not have to arrange processes. Such service providers bring along expertise in various industries and different tools. But be careful about the transfer of the project to you when it’s complete.

    For 12+ years in app development, Surf has gathered 250+ like-minded professionals. Check whether we match your ideas of a reliable team.

    About us

    Flutter developers for hire: skills review

    There are basic factors to consider if you are going to hire group of engineers to achieve success in a collaborative software development:

    • Hard skills: profound engineering background, deep knowledge of the framework and Dart programming language and their trends, understanding native technologies, ability to write clean and concise code, system approach. 
    • Soft skills: open-minded attitude, willingness to try various approaches and admit mistakes, good communication skills. 
    • Adaptability: ability to quickly and flexibly fit into the processes and culture within the company.

    Why hire a Surf dedicated team?

    Surf has been developing Flutter-powered products since 2019 and now, with 15+ projects we have moved ahead of the competitors with the market average 5 cases.

    Top-notch Flutter experts

    Our engineers’ professional competence rests not only on the strong engineering background and experience. When we hire, we lay special emphasis on ability to think outside the box, eagerness to learn, communication skills, and distress tolerance.

    Since our first Flutter app, we have built an in-house team with a unique culture. Our experts grow up on our internal R&D projects where we test things for which our clients will be ready tomorrow.

    Besides, we are sure that professional engineers shall not just make use of technologies, but make them better searching for new opportunities. We have developed a new approach to architecture and collected a set of libraries and tools to optimize the development. These are the tools that allow enhancing speed and quality of development and can be used by the community.

    Streamlined processes

    For our projects, we employ the well-tried approach to arranging the workflow and offer every option that can enhance efficiency

    • pre-project activities to lay the foundation for a future product in the format of concept and roadmap;
    • best practices at the every stage of the process including business and system analytics, UX, QA;
    • detailed and regularly updated documentation;
    • SLA and further product maintenance.  

    More details about mobile app development processes you can read in our article.

    Time & material approach

    The team starts with a rough top-level estimation divided into sprints (1-2 weeks) and agrees upon with the client the scope of work. Further on, the team works on the product and presents the results at the end of every sprint. The client pays for the activities within the sprint only.

    The flexible approach allows us to focus on the end result rather than on creating every feature. In complex projects, there is always the risk of missing some minor details (additional button, uncommon user scenario) at the planning stage, and this model allows developers to include them in the process fast and seamlessly.

    Besides, based on the previous results and taking into account eventual changes in requirements and market demands the project team may include necessary changes to the next sprint.

    We have more to tell about our Flutter team approaches and cases

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    Our Flutter projects success stories

    The framework has already proven to be successful in various projects focused on creating feature-rich, scalable, and customer-centric products.

    Financial domain

    Based on Flutter-powered opportunities we could implement various tasks in our banking and fintech projects

    • developing cutting-edge solutions tailored for specific target audience;
    • creating customer-focused close-to-native UI/UX;
    • integrating with legacy backend;
    • migrating users to the new application without re-registration;
    • implementing test automation and infrastructure for tests;
    • assisting the client in setting up in-house process;
    • transferring the knowledge base for further in-house use.


    For the retail domain, Flutter cross-platform approach opens up the possibility to develop more channels for customer communication with a single code base, and means

    • faster time to market;
    • avoiding extra expenses;
    • ensuring excellent UI\UX and effective ways to display goods;
    • adding new features fast;
    • scaling functionality up for various brands, with different design solutions.


    Some of the key aspects that step forward in building entertaining apps are good performance, dynamic look, and smooth animations. And here the framework copes with the task efficiently

    • ensuring consistent high quality UI\UX for all the accessible platforms;
    • providing a constant number of frames per second with Impeller tool;
    • using two web renderers, HTML and CanvasKit, for complex visual effects;
    • decoding images with double speed;
    • unlimited possibilities for implementing various designing solutions due to customizable components and widgets.

    Summing things up

    Flutter can help businesses cut project costs by almost 40% due to re-usage of the code base of about 80% and increased speed of development.

    But to make use of all benefits for your project, it’s highly recommended to find and hire experienced developers adept at the technology and engaged in its trends and potential possibilities. Otherwise, you risk missing good opportunities.

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