Kotlin development benefits

In 2016, Kotlin was introduced as a more cost-effective and secure alternative to Java. So far, it has gained a solid position among developers, startups, and large companies. And here’s why:

  1. 40% less code lines

    Kotlin is one of the most concise programming languages and allows developers to write more compact and readable code compared to Java. As a result, your firm gets cost-effective apps with faster delivery.

  2. Great type-safety

    Kotlin leaves no room for bugs and errors caused by NullPointerExceptions (NPEs) which often cause huge financial losses. As a result, development time and costs are significantly reduced.

  3. 100% Java interoperability

    Your company can seamlessly switch from the old Java-powered codebase to Kotlin one. The latter can smoothly interact with Java code directly or via an out-of-the-box converter in the IDE environment, and supports all Java classes and libraries.

  4. Multiplatform support

    Around 70% of the code isn’t platform-specific thanks to Kotlin Multiplatform. It provides the opportunity of reusing the codebase between all major mobile and desktop OSes including Android, iOS, Windows, macOs, Linux.

  5. Full stack development

    Kotlin Multiplatform also allows both back and frontend creation. This speeds up the development process, simplifies code support and testing.

  6. Top-3 programming languages among businesses

    Kotlin is used by companies from various industries for projects of any complexity: from MVP to high-load apps with numerous third-party integrations

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Companies that trust Kotlin

A fast-paced competitive world requires fast and easily scalable solutions. That’s why leading firms from all over the world choose Kotlin for their products.



Cross-platform mobile app development with Kotlin Multiplatform



Switching from Java to Kotlin and becoming a Kotlin-first Android environment



Java-to-Kotlin migration and creation of their own Kotlin-based framework, MvRx


Cash App

Android app functionality improvement by integrating Kotlin

Why hire Surf

  1. Kotlin development company

    with 12+ years of providing

    qualitative and cost-effective services

  2. Development agency

    with 250+ successful projects

    for fintech, foodtech, healthcare,

    and other industries

  3. Agile project management

    and transparent agency processes

  4. A company that can build

    a Kotlin-based MVP in 5+ months

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Kotlin development services we provide

Reach your business goals in the most effective and secure way with development services by Surf team.

  1. Android apps

    Our full stack development company creates Android apps that are rated 4.53+ on Google Play.

  2. Kotlin backend development

    Our middle+ team will build fault-safe and scalable backend from scratch app or migrate the existing one.

  3. App testing

    We use best testing practices and our own solutions to ensure high app stability resulting in cutting testing time by 80%

  4. App support

    We’ll keep an eye on your app after the release in order to spot and fix issues on time. We’ll also monitor your Google Play rating and process user feedback.

Our development workflow

  1. Plan

    You’ll get a research-based product development roadmap with prioritized feature list, key development process stages, estimated development time and costs.

  2. Design

    You’ll get low- and high-fidelity prototypes, design concept with detailed CJM and User flows first, and then we’ll provide you with a final UX/UI design after prototypes approval

  3. Build

    250 middle+ developers in the team

    You’ll get an app build delivered every 2-3 weeks for your approval. Our own solutions like SurfGen will provide 3-4 times faster delivery of the final version.

  4. Test

    Your app will be thoroughly tested by our middle+ QA engineers to ensure high security and stability. Thanks to automated tests, it’ll take by ~80% less time.

    More about Testing

  5. Release and Support

    4.53+ Google Play rating guarantee

    We’ll prepare the app for Google Play moderation, and continue to maintain and update it.

    More about Support

  6. Transfer inhouse

    You’ll get the full scope of project documentation needed for further development: project specifications, testing reports, recommendations, etc. We’ll help you find the right tech team and will onboard the developers.

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