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We can ensure that your app is supported and monitored 7 days a week within working hours. We can take the excess pressure off your support team. We can help you onboard users.

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What types of support can we offer?

  • Maintaining your app’s rating on Google Play, the iOS App Store, and other app review sites like Google Play. In addition to that, we handle the feedback.
  • Supporting and monitoring your backend and admin dashboard. This involves handling issues, performing standard requests, and providing suggestions on refactoring and modifications (only if the app was built by Surf).
  • Supporting a mobile app. We monitor the service, accept requests, identify issues, analyze errors, and tackle the issues.

How do we prioritize requests?

How fast we react to certain requests and tackle the issues may vary and depends on how critical they are.

  • all issues will be processed within 2 hours (blockers) or up to 4 hours (requests for information),
  • issues will be reported as tackled within 2 days (blockers) or 10 days (minor errors).


  1. Blockers make it impossible for the app to function, i.e., no further interactions with the app and its key features are possible.
  2. Critical errors make it impossible for certain key features of the app to function or result in substantial deviations from the business logic, certain features being misimplemented, key user data getting lost, etc.
  3. Normal errors indicate a deviation from the business logic or cause the mobile app to malfunction. Have no critical effect on the app.
  4. Minor errors do not affect the business logic in the tested part of the app but do not comply with the expected result nevertheless.

Requests for information, such as user requests for information on how to use a functionality and/or for user manuals for software,

What can our clients expect?

  • monthly reports, including the number of errors identified within each module, function, or screen, as well as the number of comments and suggested improvements to the app,
  • timely analysis of the monitoring variables,
  • suggestions on how to optimize the backend and refactor the code.



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