Mobile Shopping Apps Development

We'll launch the first version of your custom m-commerce app in 4-6 months. We use best practices and take advantage of our twelve years of experience with e-commerce. We can help boost your LTV and improve your client retention rate.

Develop an app
A shopping app is more than just another sales channel. It helps you communicate and build long-term relationships with your customers, increase their loyalty, and get them attached to your brand.

What we can offer

  • An m-commerce app from scratch
    • order flows that will boost purchase conversion rates to 10% and above,
    • a loyalty system,
    • any payment and delivery options you need,
    • tools for user behavior analytics,
    • an app integrated with your in-house accounting and inventory turnover systems.
  • Going from an out-of-the-box solution to a custom app
    • we will ensure your smooth transition from an out-of-the-box solution to a custom mobile app, with no clients lost,
    • you will get our tips on what solution to use to manage data, improve and scale the process of online purchases in a flexible way,
    • we will boost your ratings at the stores,
    • your app will see a 3-5-fold boost in conversion.
  • Audience analytics and strategy design that cover the following
    • competitor analysis including your competitors’ apps,
    • basic needs of your customers,
    • features essential to the first version of the app,
    • existing restraints and points of concern,
    • layout of a user-friendly order flow.
  • Our 12 years of experience
    • benefit from the best practices and experience we’ve gained working with the leaders in retail and e-commerce,
    • take advantage of our cross-industry experience: major banking, FinTech, and Food Tech companies we’ve worked with and enterprise apps we’ve built,
    • your app will have relevant technical architecture and code compliant with current requirements,
    • we will build the UI/UX to ensure the highest possible conversion rate in your business,
    • if needed, we will hand over the full set of artefacts to easily maintain the project in-house: detailed technical specifications and comments to the API as well as development data.
  • A stable team
    • you will have a stable team working on your project: Middle+ experts, with experience in e-commerce and establishing industrial standards for the market leaders,
    • all the necessary experts: a project manager, a business analyst, an art director, a designer, developers, and QA engineers,
    • no rotations and changes emerge unless absolutely necessary.

The process we follow with shopping applications

Preparations and design
  • Product research: audience analysis. CJM workshop, where we create the customer journey map together with a client’s team. Competitor analysis.
  • We will tailor the UX/UI prototypes to all of your user scenarios including the negative ones.
  • We will identify the existing restraints and points of concern and find ways to deal with them.
  • At last, we will combine our insights, cross-industry expertise and experience in working with the top-tier retailers and create an effective UX/UI.
  • You will get a stable team of experts for your project. No need to spend time and resources on staff recruitment and competency management.
  • We will build the first version of your app in 4-6 months (depending on the complexity).
  • You can have native iOS and Android shopping apps developed on Swift and Kotlin or choose cross-platform development with Flutter.
  • We will organize frontend-backend interactions. In order for your app to properly communicate with the backend and receive swift responses, we will add a middleware.
  • We will integrate your app with your enterprise systems (CRM, ERP).
  • Surf has over 20 QA engineers experienced in testing e-commerce applications.
  • Your app will undergo load testing and performance optimization.
  • Up to 80% of all scenarios will be covered by automated testing, which will allow us to quickly check your app for errors and imitate any necessary scenarios.
  • You will have your test environment set up and automated testing integrated with build automation (CI).
Release and support
  • Thanks to 12 years of experience in e-commerce projects, we can get the security audit results right at the first try. Your mobile shopping app will comply with every standard.
  • We will help release your app: fill in the forms and artefacts in stores, minimize the risk of rejection, and get promotional materials ready for release.
  • We will keep supporting your project. If you decide to do it in-house, you will have no trouble doing so. We thoroughly document all projects and make our code as readable and understandable as possible, thus, making it easier for new developers to onboard.
  • We support critical errors 6 months after the release and do it for free.

Our customers testimonials

Within the very first 2 weeks since the new app was launched we received 800 orders and witnessed a 15% conversion. It’s a huge result in our industry. Surf has established a most convenient customer engagement process. All issues, questions, and suggestions are discussed immediately. The project team is personally involved in all flows examining each of them in detail.

Head of E-commerce in online pet shop

When Surf were only bidding for the contract, they had such a cool concept of the app, that we just knew: this company offers custom solutions and has loads of original ideas. And that first impression turned out to be true — these guys have contributed a lot of original ideas and have an unconventional approach to development. We’re really pleased with the results of our collaboration with Surf!

Head of online sales in the chain of pharmacies

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