Why choose Surf for neobank app development

For over 12 years, Surf agency has been developing successful digital projects for companies in banking, fintech, e-commerce, and other industries

When you need our fintech expertise

Whether it is your first app or you are looking to upgrade an existing neobank app, Surf is here to help

  1. Plan to develop a product from scratch

    We provide full-cycle development services, from initial business analysis to public release and post-release support. Our apps score 4.6+ in stores, giving users an unparalleled experience

  2. Customizing an out-of-the-box solution

    We are here to help if you plan to transition from a ready-made solution to a neobank app tailored to your business requirements and the needs of your clients

  3. Plan for growth by scaling the business

    We can provide front and back-end solutions that can sustain an awesome app’s responsiveness and high performance under heavy loads

What Surf can do for you

Our team includes all kinds of experts you need for the successful end-to-end development of your neobank app

  1. UX/UI design

    We aim at more than just making a good-looking app. Understanding users’ needs is at the core of our UX/UI research and provides a user experience that improves business results

  2. Manual and auto-tests

    Testing is performed during every development iteration, while our automated solutions allow us to perform it 80% faster

  3. Native and cross-platform apps

    We create both native (Swift/Kotlin) and cross-platform (Flutter) apps, using custom tools and frameworks for enhanced development speed and efficiency

We created apps to help neobanks achieve their goals

Surf has worked with multiple companies on creating secure and reliable fintech apps that clearly translate brands’ values to users

Build a neobank app that will increase your user base by 25% in a matter of months

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Neobank development workflow

Surf develops all projects using Agile methodology, breaking the process into short iterations. After each, you get a fully working feature

  1. Analyze and plan

    We create a product development roadmap based on a business analysis, together with an integration plan and labor cost estimation

  2. Prototype and design

    An interface prototype with key features covers all use case scenarios. Then we work on UI/UX design for your app

  3. Build

    We develop the app’s back end to be compliant with data and code security standards and have a smooth-working and responsive frontend

  4. Test

    We perform manual and automated testing that ensures the app’s security and stability. Our automated solutions can reduce the testing time by up to 80%

  5. Launch

    We help you release the app to the App Store and Google Play and can support it continually if required according to the SLA

  6. Hand over

    We provide extensive and detailed documentation on each feature of the neobank app, making it easy to transfer in-house for future support

What our fintech clients say

Share testimonials we get from clients

Over the years, we’ve worked with numerous companies in finance and are always grateful for their feedback

“Thanks to Surf’s work, we have received positive feedback from end users for the app’s usability and functionality. We have frequently communicated, ensuring a transparent and effective workflow. Their extensive experience in banking and technical knowledge are hallmarks of their work.”
Head of Mobile Banking App Development
“Users have responded positively to the app’s user-friendly interface, cohesive design, and useful features, resulting in a higher conversion rate. A highly productive team, Surf leverages their expertise and data-driven approach to provide profound insights and innovative solutions.”
“The app provides user-friendly concierge services and news for VIP clients. Surf reduced the cost of the second platform’s development and completed all deliverables on time and within budget.”
Head Of PMO

What to read next

Surf experts always explore the latest fintech trends and share valuable insights in neobank development. Check our blog for more

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