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Flutter developers in the world


Only 5-star reviews on Clutch



AR visualization for oil well construction



3 years of joint work on several projects

Rosbank Business

Rosbank Business

First Flutter banking app in Europe



Several projects for business digitalization. NDA



Mobile app for a TOP-15 European bank

The Home Depot

The Home Depot

Mobile app for Android

Mobile app

Mobile app design for Android & iOS

For over 12 years, we’ve been delivering global solutions for enterprises and bringing startup ideas to life

We are THE FLUTTER agency

Flutter early adopters and official contributors since 2018

GitHub SurfGear repository helps teams around the world build quality solutions

Surf and Google host the largest Flutter conference in Europe

Join us in spring 2022

Two years ago, Flutter was just a “hype” technology with unclear prospects. The bets have been made and now there are several large projects powered by Flutter, as well as a large repository with open source know-how – SurfGear. The main mission of SurfGear is to accelerate development and simplify the implementation of common tasks
Eugene Saturov

DevRel at Surf. Host of Flutter Dev Podcast, local GDG lead, active speaker

Flutter benefits for business

We are Android and iOS early adopters

Surf creates pioneering solutions globally

We will build the best app in your category

Using our app development services, you can build a great app for any store category and for any industry. With more than 10 years in business, chances are we’ve already built an app similar to yours.


Our client reviews

At the tender stage, a concept offered by Surf for the future application was so cool, that it was clear: the company practices an individual approach to clients and has lots of fresh ideas. It feels like if you make a product with Surf, the application will not be a cliche. The impression was right, and the team contributed a lot of new things. We took some of the mobile ideas for the web version of the online store.
Anastasia Boeva

Head of Online Sales of the pharmacy chain

None of the website updates we make is random — each of them has been tested in real life and proven effective. All we had to do was to transfer them into the app. However, things are vice versa right now. Whenever we need to add anything to the website, we draw inspiration from the mobile app.
Boris Verks

Head of Design, online bookstore manager

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Vadim Mazin

Chief Commercial Officer, Surf
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