Why choose Surf for online store development

There are plenty of software developers available, so choosing a team for your project should be based on multiple characteristics. Below are just some of the advantages Surf can bring to the table.

With 12 years of experience, Surf leverages industry-leading practices gained from working with top players in retail, fintech, media, and foodtech industries.

In 3-6 months Surf will develop the first version of your online store, which will meet business objectives and client expectations, boosting customers’ retention rate and lifetime value.

Seamless transition from off-the-shelf solution to a custom one ensures your e-shop retains existing customers while seeing a 3-5 times increase in conversion.

Who needs our services and when

Surf partners with both emerging startups and established brands that want to up their ecommerce game. We are ready to start with developing web or mobile apps for your business or offer you a crossplatform Flutter development option that allows creating apps for 6 basic platforms with one single code base and result in significant economy without compromising quality.

1. Companies with existing online stores. Facing increasing competition, they often require development services to enhance and optimize the functionality of their platforms to stay on top in their market segment.

2. Retailers and not only switching from off-the-shelf to custom solutions can reap many benefits, including alignment with unique requirements, enhancing user experience, profitability, and future-proofing.

3. Brands aiming to expand sales channels with mobile apps. The ongoing mobile-first tendency shows the importance of well-designed mobile apps for attracting larger audiences, increasing loyalty, and driving sales.

What services we offer

In its projects, Surf aims to come up with solutions that meet the requirements of a business in all aspects: budget, functionality, personalization, and more.

Customizable templates

Based on extensive business analysis, Surf uses templates tailored to the specific requirements of each client. This offers a middle ground between off-the-shelf solutions and fully custom applications, allowing to save up to 45% of custom development budget, without a compromise on flexibility and personalization.

Smooth transition from an out-of-the-box to a custom online store

Surf’s expertise ensures a seamless migration from a generic e-commerce platform to a unique one, designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of the business. This helps to retain the existing customer base during the transition period.

Employing AI for a wide range of competitive advantages

Among such intelligent solutions are smart product search, GPT-powered chatbots for automated round-the-clock customer support, AI-based price comparison, as well as highly personalized offers based on analysis of customer preferences and purchase history.

Our cases

Companies in various industries have experienced improved business results after partnering with Surf for creating online stores.

Boost your sales conversion to 15% with a custom shopping app

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Surf’s workflow

While Surf adapts the process to fit each client, there are 6 general steps.

  1. Sprint Zero (optional)

    A team of senior experts analyzes your business, outlining the essential features for an MVP, technical architecture, and a roadmap.

  2. Business Analysis

    Together with the client, we define the project’s goals and objectives, assessing the necessary integrations and technical solutions.

  3. Design

    Our designers work on the app’s screens and use case scenarios, presenting a working prototype for review.

  4. Development

    Whether web, native, or cross-platform, every Surf’s developer supplies their work with comprehensive documentation, helping with post-release maintenance.

  5. Testing

    Our approach combines both manual and automated tests performed throughout the coding process, leading to a more stable and error-free app.

  6. Support

    Surf either continues to support the app post-release through a Service Level Agreement (SLA) or ensures its smooth transfer to an in-house team.

What our clients say

With 12+ years in the market, Surf has satisfied customers all around the globe.

“What I liked most about Surf was that it was not too lazy to make a demo from layouts and offered us a reasonable price. We did a really great job as a single product team.”
Andrew Davydov
Head of Mobile
“We’ve successfully launched the first version of the app and tested it out on a few of our clients. The clients were actually very pleased with the functionality and usability of the app. Now we’re scaling the app up to accommodate all of our users.”
Nikita Evgenov
Business Development Director
“Thanks to the app, the company’s customers can now make shopping lists according to the discounts and promos they find. The app also allows the company to respond to user feedback in real-time and solve their problems online. More than 60% of the company’s sales app transactions.”
Julia Alemanova
Head of Department of Digital Product Innovation

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