Why choose our web development outsourcing company

We strive to deliver the top-notch results and be ahead of our competitors in the field of web development

Our web development outsourcing company

Our services are tailored to the ever-changing needs of your business. If you are going to outsource web development we offer flexible collaboration models

  1. We quickly augment your in-house team with the experts with the specific expertise

  2. We will cover your demands in senior and middle experts at any stage of your web-based project

  3. Our dedicated team create a custom web product of high complexity level from scratch

  4. We integrate seamlessly into your flow and adapt quickly to your project context

Well-coordinated team of engineers

If you choose outsourcing to the team, we will offer the end-to-end process under the flexible Time and Material model

  1. Developers

    Get access to skilled and unique talents for outsourcing frontend and backend development

  2. Designers and researchers

    Offer your audience new services with user-friendly UX and on-trend UI with reference to your industry best practices

  3. Project Managers (PM)

    Secure assistance in complying with time and costs and risk management in the process of outsourcing

  4. Analysts

    Get your business and technical requirements met through in-depth business and system analysis

  5. QA engineers

    Be sure your outsourced product is free of bugs and works right due to manual and automated tests

  6. DevOps engineers

    Enjoy better scalability and flexibility due to processes, tools, and methodologies to manage updates and releases

Success stories of web development outsourcing

Outsourcing custom web development delivers benefits to businesses in various industries: e-commerce, fintech and banking, healthcare, and more

We know how to design and develop B2B and B2C solutions for various business goals. Let’s discuss yours!

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Why choose Surf company to outsource web development

If you choose to outsource, the Surf team can offer the businesses the following benefits complementary to our technical skills and expertise

  1. Cross-industrial experience

    Having worked with various industries (fintech, ecommerce, healthcare, foodtech), we have accumulated valuable insights that help us apply best practices for the benefits of our clients

  2. First-in-class solutions

    With the first Flutter-powered banking app and more pioneer solutions in our portfolio, we are ready to implement any unique idea to make the client’s company thrive

  3. Focus on business goals

    We do care about the final results, so we collaborate tightly with clients’ stakeholders involved and focus on the KPIs they set to be achieved (thus, the custom ERP system we built for KFC allowed to reduce the time managers spent for routine tasks by 10 hours weekly)

  4. Top-notch UX\UI

    We strive to create products used and loved by millions, so our priority lies in delivering your customers the best possible experience while interacting with your outsourced web-based solutions

Web application development stages

Every stage runs according to the sprints planned and we provide regular reports on the work done so that you are aware of the progress at every stage of the outsourced web development project.

  1. Stage 1: pre-project research (option)

    It helps identify the company’s target audience and better understand their needs and expectations related to the future product.

    At this stage, these are business analysts and UX researchers who come into play.
    We prioritize the functions by creating customer journey maps (CJM). CJMs provide valuable insights on user behavior which lead to building an effective and intuitive product experience that can be improved over time with further growth in mind.

    At this stage of the outsourced project, careful consideration must be taken to size up all that’s required for a fast and easy launch. This helps ensure future growth can easily accommodate new user audiences & features. Architecture design is essential here as it sets the tone for success down the line and reduces initial errors.

  2. Stage 2: design

    Designing is a complex process that requires the coordination of multiple experts with varying expertise.
    At this level, there are two distinct components

    • design engineering to ensure compliance with technical requirements (conceptual architecture, information model, functional diagram, etc.)
    • UX/UI design to create a user-friendly interface from beginning to end via testing real users through focus groups or clickable prototypes – all aiming to create the optimal experience.
  3. Stage 3: programming

    In web development, HTML (to markup pages), CSS (to markup styles), JavaScript (to create dialog boxes and animations, send forms) are usually used. For creating server applications our company uses Kotlin, Golang. In addition, to speed up the process, we use frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue.js., as they contain ready-made solutions for most routine tasks. One of the key universal technology solutions we apply is Flutter Web.

    For outsourcing certain projects that involve stream videos/cameras geolocation etc., it is reasonable to put into use special libraries to deliver unique results with bespoke characteristics needed for success.

  4. Stage 4: testing

    The web application creation is specific in terms of testing. What matters are operating systems, browsers and their versions, screen sizes (for example, bugs that go unnoticed on a standard screen may become evident on a widescreen monitor), browser plug-ins, and even different hardware.

    Surf’s testing utilizes a range of cutting-edge technologies (Charles and Proxyman, Postman, Browserstack, Cypress, and others).

  5. Stage 5: support or transfer to in-house team


    The web development outsourcing often implies the risks of losing project knowledge base in case of unfair vendor’s behavior.

    In the process of the outsource project implementation we provide comprehensive documentation with each application built so, no detail is left behind.

    Having completed the works under the project scope, we provide any type of support our clients need.

    When it comes time to move the project in-house, we provide the seamless transition. Our experienced engineers help assemble a team and develop processes for maintaining quality standards.

More info in our blog

Whether you decide to outsource or not, our company is ready to share insights and practical tips we have gained with custom software

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