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    How to Develop a Payroll Management Software Solution Within Deadlines and Budget

    Payroll management software is becoming an unrivaled tool both in SMEs and large enterprises. They automate human work, reduce the amount of resources spent preparing payroll, and help avoid making errors and mistakes. With the systems, employers are always staying compliant with government regulations and industry standards in any country.  

    How to create a custom solution for your business and use it to optimize your HR and bookkeepers’ work for many years? 

    At Surf, we have 12 years’ experience in custom web and mobile app development. Y Combinator startups and top companies like SAP are among our clients, and that’s far not all of them. In this article, we explain how to build a custom payroll management system best matching your tasks.

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    How payroll management software helps businesses

    Payroll management software is chosen by businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations, to manage their payroll efficiently. It helps companies streamline processes and ensure accuracy when calculating wages and deductions online. 

    By incorporating software specifically designed for the company’s purposes, employers can save time, money and reduce the risk of errors associated with manual payroll management. The software can be used for

    • online calculating salary, wages, deductions, taxes, and other related information; 
    • tracking employees’ hours worked, vacation and sick days; 
    • managing employee benefits; 
    • processing payments through direct deposits or checks; 
    • generating reports for tax filing and compliance purposes, and much more. 

    These programs also help ensure compliance with laws and regulations of all levels, from federal to local. With them, businesses can easily manage their needs, making it the best time-saver for busy employers, managers, bookkeepers, and HR departments.

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    What features payroll management systems offers today

    Let’s overview the best features to add while creating your online payroll management software.

    Automated time tracking system. By collecting data directly from employee’s attendance records, business owners keep track of their total payroll expenses with ease. 

    Generating reports online. The services generate detailed reports for bookkeepers and HR experts, making it convenient to review employee hours and labor costs accurately.

    Offering a comprehensive tax filing system. It helps companies stay compliant with applicable laws while simplifying the process of filing taxes. This automated feature can help make sure that all taxes are filed correctly and on time.

    Generating paychecks for employees. A secure system ensures that payments are made securely and on time. This feature also helps business owners eliminate the need for manual payroll calculations.

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    How develop your payroll management service to benefit from it for years 

    When you’ve got a complete picture of an online payroll management program that will cover your company needs, it’s time to prepare for the development process. In this paragraph, we dive deeper into its main stages and describe how a workflow with a vendor team can be built.  

    1. Business analysis 

    Business analysts together do a thorough research to identify how the best payroll management system for your company looks and how it can help you stay ahead of competitors. Business owners and project managers are usually involved in this process to set the direction of research. 

    2. Choosing features and the relevant  tech stack

    Based on the research results, the project team creates a feature list and backlog of features to discuss, and tech specialists offer the tech stack best for their development. Business owners or their trustees make a final decision and formulate their additional requirements and expectations. 

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    3. Creating UI/UX design concept

    Payroll software should have a laconic design, simplifying navigation for users. Elements consistency, intuitively understandable interface, universally-used gestures in a mobile app are some of points to note while creating it.   

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    In the example, several easy steps are enough to create an investment portfolio. Investment app design by Surf

    4. Developing your custom software 

    When you work with a vendor developer team, they lead the project from the very beginning—control the product team, deadlines, intermediate results. For example, at Surf, we provide our clients with access to all the working process stages, so they are fully informed about the project progress and can easily manage it. 

    5. Adding integrations

    You can integrate your new payroll management system with a previous one to deliver all the info from its databases fast and start using your new tool, enjoying its benefits, immediately. It’s also a good idea to integrate it with services your HR experts and bookkeepers use to set up a smooth data exchange.

    bill payments

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    6. Testing

    Manual and automated tests are necessary to build apps that offer a flawless user experience and a high level of security, and to make your payroll management system extremely effective and reliable. Ask the potential vendors about their testing practices, and it will help you avoid the risks and troubles related to quality assurance.

    7. Maintenance and compliance

    At this stage, the product team continues to fix bugs and support the software. 

    To offer you more, Surf forms the project documentation from its very start. Thus, we easily transfer the product development to the client’s team as soon as they decide to continue it in-house. In the detailed documentation, we describe product architecture, backlog, and other specific things.

    Wrapping up

    Payroll management services are perfect for companies that are looking to save time and money while managing their payroll process online. With its automated features, comprehensive tax filing system, and secure payment processing, it can make bookkeepers’ and HR experts’ work more efficient.

    An experienced vendor can help you save even more. Implementing the best software development practices, they will turn the software creation process into a pleasant experience for you and your team. You’ll get a custom product tailored to your business needs and avoid excessive expenses. 

    No headache or risks—just excellent results to help your company flourish.