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    Web Development Services on the Professional Level: The Way to Discern

    The growing need for professional providers of web development services can be explained by the important role websites and apps play for companies. A person using them forms an opinion about the entire business, and poor navigation or performance are reasons to go to competitors. 

    If you do not have an experienced in-house core team of web developers, the most reasonable approach to building a website or another web-based product  is hiring a development agency. In the article, we’ll explore reasons to leave web development to the professionals and aspects to look out for in potential vendors.

    Types of web development services

    Professional web development companies work on a diverse range of tasks, which, in addition to programming, including

    • Web design involves creating a website’s structure, layout, and interface, as well as adaptation of its elements for various devices and screens.
    • Hosting & support includes providing storage for a website’s content, as well as server management, security, backup, maintenance, and support service.
    • Web app development implies building dynamic web applications that store data in the backend and allow for real-time responses to user input, in contrast to static web apps.
    • Website optimization is focused on improving the product in terms of user-friendliness and making it more visible to search engines by improving SEO, loading speed, and usability.
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    Why partner with professional web developers

    So what are the reasons behind collaborating with a web development firm?

    Unique design

    Web design determines the appearance of a site or an app and how it corresponds with a brand’s identity. From a choice of colors to animation, competent designers can deliver a unique look for a website that loads fast as well.

    When designing a web interface and admin dashboard for KFC employees, Surf aimed to make a solution that correlates with the brand’s visual style, remains user-friendly in all use-case scenarios, and provides valuable insights.

    Report section in KFC app
    KFC management app

    Tailored approach

    Hiring a web development company, business can expect to get a fully customized web product to stand out among the competition. Although modern website builders have extensive functionality, they are still no match to custom development, where elements can be completely tailored to a company’s goals. Since this is not cheap, a competent development team can determine what works are necessary and what expenditures can be avoided.

    Search engine optimization

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures a website gets top positions in search results. To accommodate search engine criteria, it must have a responsive design, easy navigation, and relevant keywords. SEO is directly related to the return on investment of the whole project and another reason to let it be handled by professionals.

    Latest technologies

    Technologies evolve rapidly and failing to adapt a web project to the latest versions of software or devices can result in decreased traffic. It is easier for professionals to be aware of compatibility requirements, solutions, and trends.

    When Surf worked on a back end for a video streaming platform, we utilized Kotlin, Spring Boot, and Kubernetes together with PostgreSql, K8s, and ELK. This and other technological solutions allowed us to achieve a short response time, which is essential for the best experience from online content.

    web videostreaming app
    Video streaming platform web app
    Native and cross-platform solutions for web
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    What to avoid when choosing a development provider

    To ensure the best results with a development company, review thoroughly all available options. Regardless of business specifics, there are aspects that almost ‘scream’ to avoid particular candidates.

    • No references or portfolio. Ask about a firm’s previous works. It is a normal practice to reach out to former clients and request them to provide feedback on the studio’s capabilities in project management, design, and post-release support. 
    • Generic approach. Deciding to go with a custom website or web app, it is vital to pick a team that understands the specific business requirements of your company. Research whether the studio adapts tried and tested templates or creates professionally done unique products.
    • Little attention to mobile. With a growing share of users browsing the internet from phones, it is not an option to have a website without a mobile-friendly and responsive design. The company you hire must be able to take care of a website’s adaptation for smartphones and tablets.
    • No cost estimation. Inquire how a company assesses projects. There are two main estimation modes: fixed one, when the price is determined prior to development, which guarantees no going over budget but decreases flexibility, and time & material model (favored by Surf), when a client pays only for the work done during each step and allows to tailor the site to the current business and technical requirements.

    Choosing a trustworthy web development service provider is a big decision for companies striving to enhance their online presence. A well-built website or app increases traffic and conversion, helping with business expansion. Take your time and make an informed decision to ensure the proper investment of resources in the future of your business.