Project management

Project managers (PMs) are involved throughout the whole project lifecycle. РМs make sure that every task on a project is complete in time and in accordance with the budget set forth.

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What can a PM do?

  • Write and execute a contract

    Set the working conditions, take part in contract signing, and follow up on contract compliance.

  • Establish and evaluate the requirements and backlog

    Take part in setting the requirements alongside the client (and analyze them from the project standpoint), create a backlog (and analyze it), manage the analysts, designers, and developers.

  • Take part in building a project team

    Each of our projects always has our own PM, who is familiar with our corporate procedures. They take part in building a team and keep track of its processes and progress.

  • Schedule the work

    All processes are extremely transparent; at all times, clients are aware of where their project is and will be.

  • Monitor project financials

    Provide preliminary reports to help us give a team estimate for the following month. Thanks to that, clients always know where their project stands and how much it will cost to continue developing it for another month. It also aids in planning an annual budget.

  • Manage the project

    Call project meetings and retrospectives, checks up on motivation and morale in the team.

  • Write reports

    Write reports and review team progress (weekly/monthly/sprint-by-sprint) in a clear manner and any format a client may prefer. Such reports are always submitted at request.

How do we do that?

Project initiation

At this point, we create an infrastructure of a project along with some baseline artifacts, such as a brief, a project statute, project materials, and internal records that can be used to track project metrics. We also arrange our first meeting with a client and a team: we make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of our expectations, goals, deadlines, finances, and MVP.


Next, we update our risk registry and create a schedule, outlining what needs to be accomplished by the end.


PMs monitor how well their teams stick to their deadlines. If they don’t, PMs must figure out how to fix the problem and deliver the finished products on time. PMs are also in charge of risk management. They make certain that we integrate enterprise systems (if necessary). In addition to that, they monitor the project: scope, time, cost.

Finish line

PMs call project retrospectives and write reports. In addition, they gather client feedback.

Our clients’ reviews

When Surf were only bidding for the contract, they had such a cool concept of the app, that we just knew: this company offers custom solutions and has loads of original ideas. And that first impression turned out to be true — these guys have contributed a lot of original ideas and have an unconventional approach to development. We’re really pleased with the results of our collaboration with Surf!

Head of Online Sales

Surf demonstrates remarkable skills in the domain of banking applications — this was very important to us. Moreover, they have an excellent technical background and considerable experience in development, namely, in creating some truly novel applications. Creating an application that is soon to become a trendsetter is not an easy thing to do — you can only do that if your company keeps a close eye on the latest technologies and instantly applies the most cutting-edge solutions to real life. And Surf did exactly that.

Head of Mobile

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