Why trust Surf to audit your internal QA processes

Since 2011 and through over 200 completed projects, our QA team has delivered stable quality and we know how to audit internal testing processes and apps


Senior and Middle+ in-house QA specialists


Certified QA experts


Among 1000 Top-Rated Business Service Providers by Clutch

Why you may need a QA audit

The audit’s primary aim is to enhance your app’s quality and streamline the testing flow, leading to greater user satisfaction and minimizing business risks

  1. Identification and resolution of critical bugs along with minimizing errors lower the risk of failures and vulnerabilities and boost user loyalty and confidence

  2. Analysis of internal QA processes helps to spot bugs early, saving time and resources.

  3. Efficient testing processes are crucial for easy product improvement and scalability.

Our QA audit services

Our senior QA specialists will audit the quality of your mobile, web application, or backend. The review takes ~48 hours, depending on the system complexity.


Testing process


  • Assessing application’s compliance with quality standards
  • Reviewing processes, artifacts, and testing methods
  • Identifying potential issues and shortcomings
  • Developing recommendations to address problems


App review


  • Assessing application’s quality, focusing on functionality, performance, reliability, security, and other aspects
  • Identifying potential areas for improvement and optimization opportunities

Our cases

Our QA team plays a vital role for projects in fintech, banking, foodtech, e-commerce, where factors of fault tolerance, security, and uninterrupted service are a must to be ensured

Audit testing processes of your project to highlight growth areas and stop held back with broken QA flows

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Our QA audit process

The Surf team follows established processes and approaches, but our QA specialists adapt flexibly to each client’s unique needs for every project

  1. What we need to start audit
    • testing process description
    • testing artifacts related to the project
    • product requirements
    • product UI\UX design
    • required accesses
  2. What QA audit includes
    • application review
    • audit of testing processes and tooling
    • checking test cases and checklists
    • feasibility assessment
    • testing quality review
  3. What you get as a result
    • brief report outlining the result with a focus on the consequences, problems, improvements
    • detailed report highlighting the positive aspects including growth points and critical issues

What our clients say

We prioritize client’s business goals, and flexibly integrate into existing company processes

“What I liked most about Surf was that it was not too lazy to make a demo from layouts and offered us a reasonable price. We did a really great job as a single product team.”
Andrew Davydov
Head of Mobile
“We announced a tender for the development of a Flutter banking app, then we studied the portfolio of companies, relevant experience, and cost. What I liked most about Surf was that it was not too lazy to make a demo from layouts and offered us a reasonable price. We did a really great job as a single product team.”
Head of Digital Business Development
“The application was developed without a technical specification, simply based on functional requirements. For me personally, it shows the professionalism of the team, which can develop an application well and quickly grasp the essence of a business problem. And the result was exactly what we needed.”
Eugene Simonovich
Senior Business Solutions Architect

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