What is sprint zero with Surf

Our team offers sprint zero as a predevelopment research phase to assess the project’s scope and timeline, visualize the end product concept, and create deliverables that would help you justify the budget and minimize eventual risks.

1–3 weeks

depending on project complexity


of total project cost


experts in the team

When you need sprint zero

Zero sprint is an optional stage recommended for better planning for complex and non-typical projects, especially when the budget has not yet been allocated and the project is to be pitched to investors or a steering committee.

  1. Non-standard project with large scope of work

    It is challenging to specify basic requirements and provide a comprehensive spec

  2. MVP functionality is vague

    The backlog is complete and huge, but lacks prioritization and assessment

  3. Architecture is not defined

    The backend needs to be improved, including additional integrations and middleware

Zero sprint planning with Surf

The key reasons to choose Surf to collaborate on the predevelopment stage are our people and results you get.

Team of senior level experts


  • Project manager with at least five successfully supervised products
  • Art director, designer, strategist, and business and system analyst
  • QA, backend leads with at least 4 years of project and risk assessment experience

Sprint zero results


  • Prioritized MVP composition with backlog
  • Design concept in Figma
  • Integration plan and risk review
  • Review of the client-side backend
  • Project assessment and roadmap

Risks minimized


  • Product positioning errors
  • Overspending for architecture or development
  • Inaccurate presale estimates
  • Failure to justify budget

Real benefits of sprint zero: our case studies

A well-thought-out concept and a roadmap helps implement impactful features and achieve measurable results, as proven by our case studies.

If you want to develop and scale your app after the first version release, let’s plan ahead.

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Our sprint zero workflow

Surf team applies well-tuned flows and communication channels, but we are ready to adjust to the clients’ tools and approaches.

  1. Preparing activities
    • Requesting info on client’s goals, expectations, target audience, and competitors
    • Quick briefing and requirements analysis
    • Brainstorming with the Surf team and the client team
  2. Researching
    • Analyzing niche and competitors, including their strengths and weaknesses
    • Checking user pain points, needs, and requests
    • Sorting features for an MVP and subsequent versions
  3. Delivering results
    • Graphic design concepts for four to five key iOS screens
    • Short spec with MVP functionality
    • Estimated design and development costs

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