Systems analysis

We can analyze your existing system, examine the solutions available and document the technical requirements for the system that meets your business requirements.

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Why is it necessary to hire an expert to do systems analysis?

  • Reduced bus factor

    Accurate system information is kept as publicly available specifications and is not reliant on a single individual.

  • Quick onboarding

    A thorough and accurate description of a system makes it easier to communicate information with new members of the team.

  • Bug prevention

    Systems analysts give detailed descriptions of overlapping scenarios, minimize the risk of cases being left out or requirements being misread by developers, allowing the latter to implement business requirements on the first try.

  • Faster release

    With SA the overall amount of time spent on communication and the project grows. However, systems analysis and development are done simultaneously, which cuts down on development time.

  • New features are easier to add

    SA can generate tasks quicker and better than a developer, while a thorough and accurate description of all interactions within a system can help to build a feature into an existing product easier.

What does a client receive?

Requirements in Confluence.

Detailed functional and non-functional system requirements

Rest API specification

in Swagger

UML diagrams.

If it is necessary, we shall describe diagrams of system components, deploys, interactions, structure and behavior

ER diagrams of the DB.

Structure and links for the tables in the database

Tasks decomposed in Jira.

Epics and tasks, ready for development

System backlog with priorities.

Requirements from SA and the development team

Security audit.

SA will check the security of your system and its architecture

Capability analysis.

SA will analyze best practices and comparable systems and offer the best solution for your project

Does your project need a systems analyst?

Yes, if you need to:

Implement a proven hypothesis.

When you know the result and need to implement it in the most efficient way possible, SA saves time and effort.

Improve a product in the long run.

SA aids in getting an understanding of how your system functions, making it easier to modify it.

Build a complex multicomponent system.

A systems analyst designs how the system should be implemented in accordance with your business requirements.

Implement an integration of various services.

Whenever systems are quired to interact, a nuanced interface has to be designed. And no one can deal with it quicker than SA.
No, if you need to

Test the hypothesis of a startup.

When you can’t say clearly what results you need to achieve, it’s much more effective for a PM to work directly with developers creating Proof of Concept.

Implement a task without further improvements.

If you don’t have to improve a product, a developer and a business analyst are enough.

Do a task as part of an existing business process.

When uncertainty is kept to a minimum, extra roles and excessive communications are unnecessary.

Implement a fully functional out of the box solution.

If you don’t need custom software, contacting the consultants of your off-the-shelf solution will suffice.

What can Surf SA do?

SA describe how to respond to a business challenge in technical language. They get an understanding of our clients’ businesses and are familiar with the process of development, i.e., they:

  • are familiar with computer networks and technologies,
  • understand the process of mobile, web, and backend development and know what tools are used,
  • think like programmers,
  • are experienced in describing monolithic and microservices architecture,
  • are experienced in designing REST and SOAP API,
  • are experienced in designing databases and writing SQL queries,
  • are experienced in creating complex services and mobile products,
  • understand the technical difficulties associated with implementing a business requirement,
  • know both technical and spoken English.

The role of SA on a project

SA are in charge of providing a comprehensive description of a system as a whole as well as its internal interactions and nuances. They describe the functionality to be developed and make sure that the specifications of the existing system are valid. Their role involves:

describing and finalizing system requirements
going over the architecture, describing structures, integrations, and logic in UML,
setting tasks for developers. SA describe tasks for frontend, backend, and database developers,
designing API. SA describe system interaction by REST, SOAP or Socket,
designing database structure with ER diagrams,
analyzing data via SQL queries. SA work with relational DB MS SQL, Postgresql,
updating specifications on a regular basis and answering questions from their team.

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