Why choose Surf for systems analysis?

We provide our clients with systems analysis services around the globe with major focus on FinTech, Retail, eCommerce, EdTech, Foodtech, HR and corporate custom applications and have earned recognition of the experts worldwide.

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68 of 280 000 top-rated business service providers by Clutch

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When your project needs a systems analyst

Our systems analysts are aware of the technical difficulties associated with implementing business requirements and describe how to respond to a business challenge in the language of technology. Here are some cases to check whether our software system analysis skills and experience will be useful for your project to save time and effort.

Yes, if your project covers:
  • already tested hypothesis
  • long-term product improvement
  • complex multicomponent systems
  • integration of various services
No, if your project covers:
  • startup hypothesis
  • job without further improvements
  • job as part of an existing business process with minimum uncertainty
  • fully functional off-the-shelf solution

Benefits of hiring an expert to do systems analysis

SAs are in charge of providing a comprehensive system description as well as its internal interactions and nuances. They describe the functionality to be developed and make sure that the existing system specifications are valid.

  1. Reduced bus factor

    Accurate system information is kept as publicly available specifications and is not reliant on a single individual.

  2. Quick onboarding

    A thorough and accurate system description makes it easier to communicate information with new team members.

  3. Bug prevention

    Systems analysis model covers detailed descriptions of overlapping scenarios, minimizing the risk of cases being left out or requirements being misread by developers, allowing the latter to implement business requirements on the first try.

  4. Faster release

    SA hours add to the overall amount of time spent on communication and the project. However, software systems analysis and development are done simultaneously, which cuts down on development time.

  5. New features are easier to add

    SAs generate tasks faster than a developer, while a thorough and accurate description of all interactions within a system can help to build a feature into an existing product easier.

Our cases

Being an integral part of the team our analytics are especially useful to analyze systems for long-term projects with multiple stakeholders and complex business logic.

Got interested in working with the team that created complex systems both customer-facing and for internal business processes?

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What our clients receive

SAs role involves analyzing systems, describing and finalizing system requirements, analyzing data via SQL queries, regular specification update, answering team questions, and more.

  1. Requirements in Confluence & Security audit
    • Detailed functional and non-functional system requirements
    • SA will check the security of your system and its architecture
  2. Rest API specification in Swagger

    SA describe system interaction by REST, SOAP or Socket

  3. UML diagrams

    If it is necessary, we shall describe diagrams of system components, deploys, interactions, structure and behavior

  4. ER diagrams of the DB

    Structure and links for the tables in the database

  5. Tasks decomposed in Jira

    Epics and tasks, ready for development for frontend, backend, and database developers

  6. System backlog with priorities & Capability analysis


    • Requirements from SA and the development team
    • SA will analyze best practices and comparable systems and offer the best solution for your project

Read more on our blog

Check our blog articles to get more insights and details about systems analysis for software and the overall development process.

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