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    Top 5 Cases to Prove The Benefits Of Flutter App Development

    In this article, we will consider the main benefits of Flutter app development. Released by Google, Flutter is a cross-platform software dev kit (SDK) that allows programmers to make apps for different operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.). Stack Overflow reports that it is the 2nd most loved framework worldwide. 

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    At Surf, we have solid experience in creating Flutter solutions. We also build open-source tools that facilitate the work of engineers. To learn more, check out our profile on GitHub.

    Top benefits of Flutter app development

    By using the SDK, you can cut costs by 30–40% compared with native product creation, which is among the main advantages. Flutter has a lot of cool features to ensure almost a native-like UX and performance. See the key Flutter benefits in the image below.

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    Create a top-notch application cutting costs by 40%.

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    Our projects proving Flutter benefits

    1. Cutting-edge apps for neobanks

    The first neobank in Pakistan wanted to launch a mobile finance solution for promoting banking services in the country and making digital payments more accessible. With the Flutter app development framework, our developers cut time to market (TTM) while getting high software quality. When building the product, we used our own tool—the Elementary library—to work out a clear scalable architecture. 

    In less than a year, we delivered the solution with features like sign-in/up, transaction history, bank-to-bank transfers, bill payments, chat, and push notifications. Additionally, we integrated the system with I2C and IDWise third-party banking services.

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    2. Cost-effective pharmacy apps

    The largest pharmacy chain in Europe with over 3,000 stores aimed to develop three apps—based on the needs of different audiences—on a tight schedule.

    In just 4 months, our team delivered cross-platform mobile solutions. Thanks to Flutter, the client reduced costs by 40% and created a modern UI. To facilitate support and shorten TTM, we used our own Surf Gear tool. We also enabled search by symptoms, which helped boost customer satisfaction. 

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    3. Smooth UI and animations for a video streaming platform

    The goal was to build a performant, scalable video streaming platform like YouTube. In order to engage users, it was crucial to create an intuitive UI and enable animations in screen transitions. 

    To address these issues, we suggested developing a mobile app in Flutter that has all the required components, for instance, customizable widgets. Using the SDK, the client cut expenditures by 40% and TTM — by 30%. 

    videostreaming app

    4. Сorporate apps for large-scale businesses

    Aiming to digitize manual processes, like planning, scheduling, and reporting, KFC wanted to build a task management application for iOS and Android that would be tailored to the goals of shift supervisors, general managers, and local managers.

    When creating the solution, we adapted the UI to different user groups and implemented role-based data access control. Thanks to Flutter, the client reduced expenses and development speed. With the product, the company shortened the time—necessary for a single employee—by 40 hours per month. KFC was also able to sell the service to its franchise partners.

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    5. Test automation advantages for a mobile bank

    The purpose was to build a mobile banking application while laying out the foundation for further scaling. Thanks to Flutter development, we cut TTM by 40%. To streamline debugging and enhance software quality, our team enabled test automation and developed the infrastructure for automated tests. 

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    Flutter offers many advantages, from cost savings and improved software dev speed to a native-like UX. With this technology, we have already delivered dozens of projects, helping clients build scalable solutions with a smooth user interface.