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    Top Flutter App Development Companies: At The Technology Forefront in 2023

    How to find the top Flutter app development company for your project? To answer this question, let’s freshen up some facts about the tech stack and then make a detailed review of the vendor market. 

    Flutter is a cross-platform framework developed by Google. The technology allows creating applications for six  main platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Web, using a single code base. This means, about 80–95% of the project’s code base can be reused, depending on the specifics in each case. 

    One of the below top Flutter app development teams will only need to make adaptations for platform features and UX, but the scope of work takes far less time than rewriting a new app for each platform. It makes the framework unrivaled among all the possible solutions for frontend. 

    In the article, we’ll present to you the best 10 Flutter development companies worldwide.

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    How to choose the top Flutter app development company

    Choosing your top Flutter app development company, you should note a few things:

    • The framework was first released in 2017. So, if you want to read about projects the vendor implemented with Flutter, pay attention to the case studies published after the moment. And, as the technology is young, it’s reasonable  to prefer a vendor experienced in adopting its benefits for projects in your niche.
    • The framework was created by Google, so if your potential vendor is certified by them, it’s a good sign.
    • Truly experienced top Flutter app development engineers don’t only use tech stack, but develop it. They generate ideas on the working process optimization for the best results and share their tools and practices with the community.
    • The framework is great if you want to save up to 40% of the budget that could be spent with native solutions. Average hourly rate for developer teams is about $50, and if it’s much more expensive or too cheap, it’s a sign to clear out a reason.

    Of course, that’s not all the points to be made. But we gave you the most important ones to consider. And now, let’s start our review. 

    Top 10 companies for development of your next Flutter application


    Being early and very successful adopters of the framework, the Surf team takes the first place in our rating of the top Flutter app development teams. Among numerous projects implemented by Surf, there are 15+ Flutter-powered apps for healthcare, banking, foodtech, entertainment, and eCommerce. Y Combinator startups, innovative banks, and large retail chains are their clients as well as SAP, MARS, and KFC. 

    To highlight one of the most impressive case studies, the Surf developer team has recently built a YouTube-like video streaming service, using the framework together with a top tech stack for the backend. It is Kotlin, Spring Boot, and Kubernetes together with additional services. 

    Surf not only develops apps and design solutions, but contributes to the Flutter community and the framework development in particular. For example, they created Elementary, a unique approach to the architecture of the apps, and SurfGear, a set of libraries and tools to optimize the working process. As they have one of the largest in-house Flutter developer teams in the world, ideas like this become easier to implement.  

    The developer team is certified by Google. 

    Locations: Delaware, New York, and Washington D.C. 

    Hourly rate: $50

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    SolveIt is known for its exceptional web & mobile app development services. They specialize in creating engaging apps for startups and SMEs.

    With SolveIt expertise, you can expect top-notch apps that pass audits, exhibit impressive performance, and visually appealing interfaces. SolveIt is experienced in developing native and cross-platform mobile apps and successfully utilizing Flutter framework to reduce development costs and build effective mobile solutions that generate profits for startups and SMEs.

    Furthermore, the SolveIt team possesses extensive knowledge and expertise across various business domains, including Healthcare, Retail & E-commerce, Transportation & Logistics, Travel & Booking, Telecom, Social, and Finance.

    Locations: US, Poland

    Hourly rate: from $45


    Droids On Roids

    This company is the go-to for experienced native and cross platform developers. They have been creating projects for various industries—from fintech and eCommerce to healthcare and energy sectors. HoneyBee, Greenr, LiveChat, and NCC are among their clients. Besides, Droids On Roads published their own ebook about 22 apps created with Flutter. You can become one of their clients, especially if you are searching for a full-stack top Flutter app development company using agile methodology for your projects.

    Locations: Wroclaw, Poland, London, the UK, and San Francisco, the USA

    Hourly rate: from $50

    Blue Whale Apps 

    Blue Whale is a leading digital agency, creating innovative IT-products for the modern market. They offer full-cycle application development solutions—build interfaces, develop native and cross-platform mobile apps, start marketing campaigns tailored to business needs, consult their clients about a product lifecycle, and more. 

    Combining proven methodologies, future-ready solutions, and user-centric strategy, they have earned the trust of large companies like FOX, Discovery, and CISCO and developed Spiderdoor, NACD-APRAXIA, and Gorilla apps. 

    Locations: Virginia, Washington D.C, New York, and Florida

    Hourly rate: from $100


    If you want to build a reliable, fast and flexible cross-platform application with recognizable design, itCraft is the vendor you are looking for. The developer team creates projects for the biggest banks, telecom, and insurance companies of Poland. With an innovative approach towards their work, they attract well-known clients from healthcare, fintech, telecommunications, and transport & logistics niches. LUX Med, DHL, and Deloitte Digital are among them.

    Location: Warsaw, Poland

    Hourly rate: from $50


    Netguru is a product development company that builds and deploys custom software using Flutter. They are top of the line when it comes to mobile app creation and have an enthusiastic team who work hard on 100 concurrent projects at once. PureEarth, SolarisBank, Volkswagen, and COSMO Group are their clients. Their largest projects created with Flutter became the food-delivery app and app documenting and reporting polluted sites.

    Location: Poznan, Poland

    Hourly rate: from $50



    Appinventiv is an experienced IT company, specializing in cross-platform mobile app creation for healthcare, sports, travel, fintech projects, and more. They have engineering centers and offices worldwide to be ready to offer you top Flutter app development services wherever you are. Ikea, KPMG, and HP are among their largest clients.

    The developer team has been trained by Google Agency Program for Dart, a programming language used by Flutter developers.

    Locations: India, Australia, the US, and UAE

    Hourly rate: from $30

    Concetto Labs

    Concetto Labs is an agency, offering simple yet efficient mobile and web app creation services to its clients. The team has been recognized for their undertakings in IT—they provide all-inclusive solutions from graphic design through coding, so you don’t need an expert on either side. The company guarantees consistency & transparency across projects. Flutter app development is one of their numerous services, and the in-house developer team is very large. They work with clients from healthcare, foodtech, eCommerce, and more.

    Location: the USA, Canada, the UK, Norway, and India

    Hourly rate: less than $25


    Desuvit is a company with expertise in creating web and mobile apps. The team consists of experts with 15 years’ experience and offers their services to companies of different sizes all around the world. If you are interested in native app development with React Native or Ionic, they can help you, too. Betty24 GmbH and Smart Förvaltning Sverige AB are their clients.

    Location: Oslo, Norway

    Hourly rate: from $25

    Kody Technolab

    Kody Technolab is a custom software development company known for their legit and white-hat techniques and offering dynamic solutions. Crossplatforms is one of them. The team offers post-generated support after project completion. Ebay, Hamilton, and Alibaba Japan are some of their largest clients. 

    Location: Ahmedabad, India

    Hourly rate: from $18

    Hire the best Flutter app development company to be on top

    Flutter becomes more and more business-oriented day by day. It helps us save time and money, offering up-to-date features and powerful tools as soon as they are needed to reach the customers. We believe that technology is one of the most promising in the foreseeable future and choose it together with our clients day by day.
    Amazed by the top Flutter app development teams and their experience?

    Amazed by the top Flutter app development teams and their experience?

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