Why choose Surf for turnkey mobile app development

Since 2011, we have developed our skills and expertise in web and mobile app development, and our progress did not gone unnoticed

When end-to-end development is for you

The Surf team will create cross-platform apps for iOS and Android on a turnkey basis. To ensure that you receive dependable service with 99.99% availability, as well as front- and back-end integrations for the events listed below. If you need a web app or a PWA, visit our application development services page

Achieve goals

You intend to switch from your current out-of-the-box solution to an effective custom and scalable app

Spend less

You build a startup within your corporation and do not want to allocate resources engaged in developing core products for a new mobile app

Increase income

After you have tested your web-based version, you must become profitable in order to attract new investors

Benefits of the turnkey approach to mobile app development

We have teams of developers ready to start within two weeks of signing the project, following the design sprint. The Surf team will consist, on average, of 3 Flutter developers, 1 system analyst, 2 QA engineers, 2 backend developers, and 1 PM. The advantages of turnkey collaboration for you are as follows:

  1. There is no need to spend time and money on hiring your own team. Our middle+ experts will implement a project of any complexity level

  2. Mobile front- and backend development is run in tandem with one well-coordinated team without any misunderstandings or communication losses

  3. Our project managers monitor compliance with budget, deadlines, and quality. They provide the client with complete information on the project’s progress

  4. We comply with the unified standards and keep comprehensive, detailed documentation so that you will have no problems with further development of the product in-house

We create apps that meet business objectives

Our team has been successfully delivering mobile solutions for various industries, including fintech, banking, foodtech, e-commerce, and healthcare, tailored to business-specific needs and expectations

Apply the same budget and time savings to your project

Just contact us

Our workflow and results we deliver

We practice Agile software development methodology in our turnkey mobile app development. The process breaks down into short iterations, with results for the client’s review at the end of each

  1. Design sprint (Zero sprint)

    Our client gets a detailed long-term assessment of the project and backlog, an architecture draft and a design concept with a flexible product roadmap for several next releases developed by a small, senior-level team

  2. Design

    Based on the approved design concept and CJM, we provide you with a prototype with focus on UI/UX user-friendliness and easy navigation. The client gets completed business requirements and technical specifications; we form and onboard a team; and we plan sprints

  3. Development

    This is the stage of coding and building infrastructure. We integrate the app with any required external or internal systems using middleware, which reduces processing time and data storage expenses. Every two weeks, the client receives an app build to be approved

  4. Testing

    We improve the quality of the application through manual and automated testing for every iteration. The client receives comprehensive documentation for quality control and testing. Test automation allows an 80% reduction in testing time

  5. Release and support

    Before handing over the work to the client, we accept it internally. We release your app to the App Store and Google Play and will support and develop the project under the SLA or transfer it to the client in-house

What our clients say about us

Read testimonials about our work and results

As a technology partner, we dive into the client’s business process and technology approaches to find the best suitable solutions in each individual case of turnkey mobile apps development

“Surf has developed for us a video streaming service which provides our users with access to more than 40 shows. Surf’s deep expertise in mobile development and the ability to achieve results and constantly improve the product are surprising. Even after the release, we continue to work together on the application, update it, and improve it.”
Online Content Producer
“The Surf team was easy to find common ground with. The team has obviously long-term experience with software development for various business goals and they are capable of delivering valuable suggestions for our app. Their work is well-organized and adjusted for all the needs of our business.”
Head of the Information Systems Group
“When Surf was only bidding for the contract, they had such a cool concept for the app that we just knew: this company offers custom solutions and has loads of original ideas. And that first impression turned out to be true — these guys have contributed a lot of original ideas and have an unconventional approach to development. We’re really pleased with the results of our collaboration with Surf! ”
Head of Online Sales

Our insights and experience

Our blog provides more detailed and useful information about turnkey mobile app businesses

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