Turnkey Mobile App
for 6 Months

We will create from scratch a cross-platform mobile app (for iOS and Android) with native design and a basic set of 20% features that deliver 80% of the results. You will get a stable service with 99.99% availability, including front end and back end with all integrations required.

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Results we deliver

Taking on the complete product development

  • Design
    flexible product roadmap for several next releases
  • UI/UX
    user-friendly and easy-to-navigate based on the customer journey map
  • Development
    backend written with Kotlin and frontend with Dart (Flutter). Every two weeks the client receives an app build to be approved
  • Testing
    every iteration is tested. We reduce up to 80% of the time for checking due to automation
  • Release
    We can speed up the rollout of the release to production by 90% using DevOps. We release your app to the App Store and Google Play and will maintain it further on, if required

Managing the team and workflow


we’ll save you money and time spent on searching and hiring. Our Middle+ experts implement projects of any level of complexity

Project management

our project managers make sure that the work does not go beyond the budget, deadlines, and scope. The client has access to and receives all information about the project progress


any losses in communication and misunderstandings are eliminated due to the fact that a single team with well-established processes works on the front end and back end

Knowledge transfer

we perform development according to the uniform standards and keep detailed documentation, so it will be easy for you to support it in-house

Surf project team

On average, the team consists of

  • 3 Flutter developers
  • 1 system analyst
  • 2 QA engineers
  • 2 backend developers
  • 1 PM

Note that the team may vary depending on the project scope and complexity level.

Surf has one of the most experienced and strong Flutter teams. Being Flutter early adopters, we have been working with the framework since 2019.

Our SurfGear set of tools and libraries is widely used by the developers around the globe.

We developed our own approach to architecture in Flutter apps, Elementary.

Our workflow

A small senior-level team dives into the client’s business, determines the basic app functionality, builds a product development roadmap, and makes a detailed long-term assessment of the project and backlog, draws an architecture draft and a design concept.
We set the goals and objectives of the project, analyze which systems integration is required.
Based on the approved design concept, we create a prototype. We write business requirements and technical specifications, form and onboard a team, and plan sprints.
We write code and build infrastructure. We document all approaches and changes. We integrate the app with any required external or internal systems using middleware, which reduces processing time and data storage expenses.
We improve the quality of the application through manual and automated testing. We provide clear documentation for quality control and testing.
Before handing over the work to the client, we accept it internally. We can support and develop the project according to SLA or transfer it to the client, in-house.

Our clients about us



Surf has developed for us a video streaming service, which provides our users with access to more than 40 shows. Surf’s deep expertise in mobile development, the ability to achieve results and constantly improve the product, is surprising. Even after the release, we continue to work together on the application, update and improve it.

Head of Mobile

We created a nice platform for modern mobile banking in a very short time. We managed to create universal mobile banking for business, which is so handy to use for business clients of any size from a small coffee shop to an oil corporation.

If you are ready to miss an opportunity to save 40% of your time and resources for app development, we will not keep you.

Otherwise, let’s discuss your project in more detail.

Vadim Mazin

Chief Commercial Officer, Surf

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