Web Development

We offer a wide variety of web products: SPA, PWA, websites, and admin dashboards. You don’t need to hire and manage your own team — we can offer a full development cycle from design to release and follow-up.

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What can we offer?

  • we will build a top-notch website in compliance with your needs and objectives,
  • we will enable you to monitor the backend via an admin dashboard,
  • we will provide you with an admin dashboard to help you manage your app.

How can we do that?

Sprint zero (optional)

We will start by allocating a small team of senior experts to the project. The team will delve into your business, shape up the basic features of an MVP, and build a roadmap. In addition to that, they will provide a thorough long-term estimate of the project and backlog, draft its technical architecture, and create a design concept.

Business analysis

Next, we will specify the goals and objectives for your project and analyze what systems it needs to be integrated with.


Then, we will provide you with a prototype and design, evaluate and decompose your project, and review the prototypes. Apart from that, we will schedule the sprints, select and onboard the team of experts, put together both the business and technical requirements, conduct system analysis, and build the API. We will also assess project tests and types of testing. In addition to that, we will design an architecture for your project and integrations.


Next, we will write code with React and Angular and build the infrastructure. We will thoroughly document all of our approaches so that you can support the project by yourself.


Our testing team consists of both manual testers and QA automation engineers. Before it reaches the client, the finished project has to undergo internal quality control.


Finally, we can either keep on supporting and developing your project under SLA or transfer it in-house.

Want to develop a scalable, reliable, and fault-resistant service?

Surf can do it for you. Drop us a brief and let’s do your project together!

Vadim Mazin

Chief Commercial Officer, Surf

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